Bangladeshi Contestant Wang Yamei in “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students: I Am Back, My Second Homeland

[Source] [Time]    2017-07-26 10:48:45 

On July 13th, the semi-finals and finals of the 16th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students were officially launched in Changsha, Hunan Province. 145 college students from 112 countries around the world competed on the stage, showing their knowledge of the Chinese language. Among them there was a Bangladeshi “China hand”: Wang Yamei.

Bangladeshi contestant Wang Yamei

When Yamei was a kid, this smart girl visited China with her parents who were running business there. When she came to China again as an adult after a few years, there were no any unfamiliar feelings to her. Chinese language is definitely Yamei’s strength, but the rich cultural deposits she accumulated through years of living in China are her trump cards in the “Chinese Bridge” Competition. During the competition in China, Yamei always told others with pride that she just came home because China is her second homeland. Her eyes revealed that she cherished the memory when it comes to her life in China. She said, “It was 2010 when I first came to China with my mother for her medical treatment. I was in my fifth grade in Dongguan then. At first, I found it extremely hard to learn Chinese. Because my classmates could hardly speak English, I had to learn Chinese by guessing the meaning of their sign language. In 2013, we returned to Bangladesh after my mother’s recovery. Then I won the scholarship of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students in my hometown. It gave me the second chance to study in China. In September 2014, I came to China again to study at Yunnan Normal University for six months. It was the first time that I learned Chinese systematically, which greatly improved my Chinese language. Now I’m really happy and honored to participate in the competition in my second hometown. Last time we visited Beijing, and this time I feel the great changes there: more subway lines and more convenient traffic. These changes in Beijing reflect China’s increasing modernization.”

After the tour in Beijing, Yamei and other contestants went to Changsha by plane to participate in the competition. She stood on the stage of the “Chinese Bridge” to prove Bangladeshi students’ Chinese language proficiency to the world through television and internet. Not only can overseas Chinese sweep the top three in the competition, but “pure foreigners” can speak proficient Chinese. This is not the first time for Yamei to participate in the competition. In 2013, she came to China as the Bangladeshi champion for the finals of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students and got the Best Eloquence Award. This time, Yamei had many different feelings. She said, “In the two competitions, I made many friends from all over the world. And just like me, they love China and Chinese. I learned a lot of new knowledge from them, and also gained unforgettable experience from the competitions. The difference between the two competitions is that the competition for secondary school students focused more on entertainment. We finished the competition in playing. But the competition for college students is more difficult than ever, and I have to fully throw myself into it to win. Until now, I had a relatively good performance. We will participate in the semi-finals on July 19th and I am supposed to be one of the top 30. In the last competition for foreign secondary school students, I won the Best Eloquence Award and I hope I can achieve better results this time and win glory for Bangladesh.”

The “Chinese Bridge” Competition has been held for 16 consecutive years. As for those students who took part in the competition, some are still studying in China, some are doing works related to China, and some have become backbones in their motherlands and are making their countries better with what they learned in China. Despite their difference in skin and eye color, they all love Chinese and Chinese culture and embrace the same Chinese dream. But Yamei’s Chinese dream is different from that of other Chinese learners. She is not going to take Chinese as her major career in the future and she has her own ambition and aspiration. She said, “I have a dream since childhood, which is to become a doctor who heals the wounded and rescues the dying when I grow up. And now, I’m getting closer to my dream. This year, I applied the Chinese government scholarship and received the admission notice of Fudan University in Shanghai. In September, I will begin my study for the bachelor degree of Medicine there. I love China very much and China is one of the best in the world in medical science, so I chose China to continue my study. I hope to become an excellent doctor and help more people with what I learn in China.”

On August 12th, the grand finals and closing ceremony of the 16th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students will be staged as scheduled, and the champions from the five continents will head for a showdown. We hope Yamei will go to the grand finals and advance bravely for her Chinese dream.

(Story by Liang Lilin,