2017 In-Service Training Workshop for Confucius Institute Directors Kicks off in Beijing

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban) [Time]    2017-07-12 17:14:33 

On July 9th, the first 2017 In-Service Training Workshop for Confucius Institute Directors, which was hosted by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and organized by Beijing Normal University, kicked off in Beijing. The workshop is intended to improve the quality of school management of Confucius Institutes, to strengthen the connotation construction of Confucius Institutes, to promote the ability of foreign directors to perform their duties and to enhance their understanding of contemporary China and the work of Confucius Institutes. Over 30 foreign directors of Confucius Institutes from 20 countries attended the workshop. Chen Guangju, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, and Xia Jianhui, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director-General of Hanban attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Mamoun Abu Sabaa, Director of Amman TAG-Confucius Institute of Jordan, delivered a speech on behalf of all the attendees.

Vice President Chen Guangju delivering a speech

Vice President Chen Guangju welcomed the arrival of the directors, and noted that the workshop, by taking advantage of Beijing Normal University's strength in discipline and faculty, will provide a high level exchange platform for the foreign directors.

Representative of the directors Mamoun Abu Sabaa delivering a speech

Director Mamoun Abu Sabaa quoted the Arabic proverb "I cannot give out what I do not have" to stress the importance of learning Chinese for directors. He also introduced the school-running experience of the TAG Confucius Institute, and hoped to enhance the understanding of China through the workshop and strengthen communication with directors from other countries, so as to jointly promote better development of Confucius Institutes.

Deputy Director-General Xia Jianhui delivering a speech

Deputy Director-General Xia Jianhui said in his speech that the current international order is undergoing profound and complex adjustment. Differences and misunderstanding between cultures are emerging while consensus and mutual trust are declining. Under such international situation and background, recognizing the objective existence of differences, respecting each other, pursuing inclusiveness and mutual trust, seeking common ground while reserving differences and sticking to equal cooperation may be the fundamental path to build a new international order of peaceful development.

Jointly built, managed and shared by Chinese and foreign countries, the Confucius Institutes are results of cooperation, and have always been practicing the principle of equal cooperation all along. The success of Confucius Institutes is dependent on the good cooperation between Chinese and foreign directors with different cultural backgrounds. Xia Jianhui hoped that both sides could promote communication and understanding and strengthen cooperation. The success of Confucius Institutes will contribute to world peace.

At the opening ceremony of the workshop

Based on directors’ interest and job demands, the nine-day training workshop invited a number of famous experts and scholars from China and abroad to give lectures on Chinese education, culture, economy, exchanges between China and foreign countries, and folk customs. It also held thematic seminars on topics such as “The Function of Confucius Institute and Cooperation between China and Foreign Countries” and “Confucius Institutes and the ‘Belt and Road’”, and organize economic, social and cultural trips including visiting “Baidu” and the Capital Museum.


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