10th Chinese Teacher Training for European Confucius Institutes Held at Confucius Institute of Artois

[Source]     [Time]    2017-07-07 17:56:29 

The renowned sinologist Leonard Vandermeersch (Professor, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales), Rémi Mathieu (Research Director, CNRS), Valérie Lavoix (Lecturer, INALCO), Bart Dessein (Professor, University of Gant; President of the European Association for Chinese Studies), Zhang Guoxian (Head of the Chinese Language and Culture Department, Faculty of Translation and Interpretation, University of Mons), Marianne Dunlop (Linguist, Associate Professor of Russian, Esperantist), Huang Yizhi (Doctor, Department of Psychology and Pedagogy) and Jin Siyan (Professor, Director of the Confucius Institute of Artois) were invited as speakers in the symposium and the training. 55 directors, Chinese teachers, doctor and master students from 11 different countries participated this program.

The subjects of this program are different from the previous ones: the symposium is on “Classical Chinese Teaching in Today’s Context” and the Chinese Teacher Training "Structuro-global method in teaching foreign language and "Verbo-tonal method of phonetic correction." On June 29th, Professor Jin made a presentation entitled "From the Manual of Classical Chinese to the Contemporary Context", Valérie Lavoix spoke of “Initiation of classical Chinese: materials, challenges and pleasures”. Léon Vandermeersch presented his research on the graphic etymologies of Chinese vocabulary. The title of Rémi Mathieu’s presentation is "The poetic language in ancient China". Bart Dessein gave a speech "From Wenyan to Buddhist Chinese: The Linguistic Impact of First Translations - A Case Study" and Marianne Dunlop’s topic is "Classical Chinese as a Living Language and its place in Teaching Chinese foreign language". The second day, throughout the theme "Structuro-global Method in Foreign Language Teaching and Verbo-Tonal Method of Phonetic Correction", Hang Yizhi presented the theoretical basis and development of this method, Zhang Guoxian focused on comparison of phonetic systems between Mandarin and French.

June the 29th,Professor Jin Siyan giving a sepeech at Language Center of Artois University

June the 29th,Sinologist, Prof. Léon Vandermeersch giving a speech at Language Center of Artois University

June the 30th, Professor Zhang Guoxian giving a speech at Language Center of Artois University

June the 30th, President of University of Artois, Mr. Pasquale Mammone awarding certificate to the participant

The participants all benefited from these two days of training, with new reflections and understandings on Classical Chinese teaching and foreign language teaching in the field of Chinese as a second language.

June the 30th, a group photo of all participants

July 1st, visiting Louvre-Lens

The last day consisted of a visit to the Louvre Lens organized by the Confucius Institute of Artois. Participants went to the museum by bus, and gained a new knowledge of world cultural heritage during the tour.

Edition/YANG Jing, Photos/WEI Wenke


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