Russian Girl Raps China-Russia Friendship with Clapper Talk

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Last year, Sasha, a Russian girl, came to Heilongjiang University in Harbin to improve her Chinese proficiency and experience Chinese culture. Having lived and studied here for less than a year, she passed the exam of the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) level 5 and got the certificate. Surprisingly, she got to know “clapper talk” with pleasant.

Sasha, a Russian girl, rapping China-Russia Friendship with clapper talk

Sasha said that the reason for her Chinese learning was that China and Russia are friendly neighbors and learning Chinese well is conducive to the communication with China. In order to further study Chinese, Sasha came to Heilongjiang University through the scholarship program of the Confucius Institute last year. The days of learning Chinese in China were not monotonous. Six months ago, Sasha participated in the Crosstalk Club of the university and contacted with the students’ Crosstalk Alliance where she made a lot of Chinese friends and learned clapper talk. Sasha said: “The biggest achievement of this journey to China is that I passed the exam of the HSK Level 5 and learned how to play clapper talk. I particularly like the rhythm and style of clapper talk and greatly interested in the art of crosstalk.”

During the clapper talk learning, Sasha maintained contact with many teachers. Her first teacher is Mr. Hu of Harbin Quyi Artists Association. Sasha got acquainted with him through the College Students Crosstalk Alliance, with whom she learned clapper talk.

It is not easy for a foreigner to learn clapper talk. This artistic form with rich cultural connotations is a big challenge for her, but she quickly found the way to remember the lines and beat the rhythm by virtue of her solid Chinese language foundation and artistic talent. “Sasha is very earnest in learning clapper talk. Chinese people always read the lines after teachers, while she carefully writes down every note, every word and every rhythm that I told her and interpret them into the music scores which are easier for her to remember. I can say that Sasha is very ambitious in learning the traditional Chinese culture.” Mr. Hu appraised her foreign student.

Sasha playing piano

In regard of the difficulties in learning clapper talk, Sasha said: “If you develop a passion for something, you can handle all the difficulties it brings. For me, a strong desire to learn itself is a natural impetus. I think that I didn’t make the efforts for the results, but for enjoying the process of learning. What I enjoy is the progress of continuous self-improvement in learning, rather than what the results will be”.

Sasha was very excited because she was told to be selected to attend the Chinese Bridge Contest yesterday. She said she should work even harder to prepare for the coming competitions from now on, and would fully display her talents in the competition to make more foreign friends know about the Chinese clapper talk and excellent Chinese traditional culture.

Sasha pasting photos taken during her travel in different parts of China all over the wall of her dormitory

(Story by Wang Zhe,, July 4th)


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