Feature: A Mozambican Girl and Her "Mulan" Dream

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique [Time]    2017-07-05 18:20:07 

"I want to become Mulan of Mozambique", said Ou Jia, the new champion of the Second Chinese Bridge in Mozambique. It is her dream and also the greatest motivation to learn Chinese.

Ou Jia wining the champion of the Sixteenth Chinese Bridge Qualifying Competition for Foreign College Students in Mozambique

On May 26th, during the second "Chinese Bridge" competition held in Mozambique, Ou Jia won the first prize by delivering an excellent speech entitled "I Want to Be Mulan of Mozambique" and performing a Henan opera passage Women are Not Inferior to Men.

Who would have thought that the shining champion on the "Chinese Bridge" stage was a self-abased girl a year ago? On the opening ceremony for Chinese major at Eduardo Mondlane University last year, Ou Jia, as one of the only four girls among the overall 30 freshmen, should have been a dazzling red rose in the midst of thick foliage, yet she looked inconspicuous for her low-spirited expression and small stature.

Actually, Ou Jia and her sister were left to their grandmother by their patents at a young age and they relied upon each other for life. Being shorter and smaller than her peers and thus often being laughed and teased by her classmates, she often felt inferior. Preference for males rather than females still exists in Mozambique, and some girls get less attention and have little chance to go to school. These girls often get married and have children when they are seventeen or eighteen years old.. They have no opportunities to pursue their dreams.

After learning her experience, her Chinese language teacher told her the story that Mulan joined the army for her father and girls could be as good as boys, making her career and becoming a heroine in others’ eyes.

Ou Jia liked the story very much and said that she would pursue her dream bravely just like Mulan. She wants to be the first female native Chinese teacher in Mozambique and hopes to teach a large number of students to make contributions to the development of Mozambique. Besides, she wants the girls of Mozambique to see that females also can own careers through their own efforts.

Being a envoy of Chinese culture on the Education Exhibition in Mozambique

Ou Jia interviewing Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique Su Jian

Ou Jia studied very hard later and scored among the top. As she mentioned in her speech, learning Chinese has brought her a lot of opportunities and changes within a year and a half. She not only joined summer camps in China and saw a prosperous and beautiful China, but also hosted the First Chinese Song Contest in Mozambique under the encouragement of her teacher and even interviewed Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique.

Chinese becomes the strength and source of her confidence and learning Chinese helps her to change. Chinese, like a ray of light, lightens Ou Jia’s life and brings radiant splendor to her look.

Story and Photos by Cheng Yuhua


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