"Learn Chinese, Double Your World"—"Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students in the Burundi Division Concludes

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Burundi [Time]    2017-07-04 17:40:06 

On June 24th, local time, the final of the 10th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students in the Burundi Division was held in the University of Burundi. After two months of selection, eight contestants from the Tanganyika Middle School, the Vugizo Middle School and the Scheppers Middle School in Bujumbura who dreamt of learning Chinese stood out and took part in the final.

Irageza Isaac, Vice Principal in charge of the culture department of the University of Burundi, Nimbona Aloys, Principal of the Tanganyika Middle School, and Sun Jian, Political Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Burundi attended and addressed the activities. Over 200 people including the directors of the Confucius Institute’s teaching sites, representatives of the local Chinese institutions and enterprises, teachers and students from the Confucius Institute and people from all walks of life watched the competition.

Irageza Isaac congratulated in his speech on the rapid development achieved by the Confucius Institute and thanked the institute for providing such a big platform for students in the University of Burundi to show their talents.

Irageza Isaac delivering a speech

Nimbona Aloys stated that since the Confucius Institute had started teaching Chinese in 2016, there had been rising enthusiasm among students about learning Chinese. Many students have participated in the summer camp for secondary students organized by the Confucius Institute, the "Chinese Bridge" program and various kinds of cultural events, greatly enriching their campus culture.

Nimbona Aloys delivering a speech

Sun Jian noted in his speech that recent years saw the Confucius Institute at the University of Burundi serving as a window for local secondary school students to study Chinese and learn about Chinese culture. He encouraged more youngsters in Burundi to learn about and participate in the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition to show their comprehensive skills in Chinese language and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture.

Sun Jian delivering a speech

This competition, themed with "Learn Chinese, Double Your World", included four sections, namely, translation, Chinese knowledge Q&A, speeches and talent shows. Eight contestants sang the song “Beijing Welcomes You”, ushering in the competition.

Contestants singing the opening song

The translation part included two sections: the French-to-Chinese translation and the Chinese-to-French translation. During this part, all contestants showed their remarkable skills and answered up to every question. In the second section, questions about Chinese history, geography and cultural knowledge were raised to test how much the contestants know about the profound Chinese culture. In the speech part, contestants shared their experience in Chinese-learning and their outlooks on Chinese culture through speeches themed with Dumplings: One of the Chinese Cuisines, Spring Festival--My Favorite Festival, Chopsticks and Bride, The One-Year-Old Catch, My Kongfu Dream, etc. Distinctive Chinese elements were presented in their themes, enriching the content of the speeches.

Speech themed with Dumplings: One of the Chinese Cuisines

Speech themed with Chopsticks and Bride

The talent show was the most eagerly awaited part. The contestants revealed their talents and creativity, drawing much applause. The guitar play of “Lemon Tree” accompanied by vocals presented tender rhythms and vivacious tunes. The Dai-styled peacock dance of Peacock Spreading Its Tail revealed the vitality and the splendidness of the peacock to the full. The duet song of “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” was melodious and the audience was enchanted by its lingering charm. The perfect combination of rap performance with facial make-ups and the dances of Michael Jackson made a profound impression on the audience; The Kongfu, the sword dance and the Taichi fan performance unveiled the glamor of Chinese Kongfu. The dance performance of Traces of Dance with characteristics of the Uyghur nationality was imbued with ebullience and uniqueness. The Tibetan dance of Droma integrated with some Burundian elements was dexterous, revealing the sentiments of the prairie girls.

Peacock dance

Comeback of Michael Jackson

Taichi fan performance

Martial arts show

Tibetan dance

Prize-giving for the champion

Prize-giving for the runner-up

Group photo

After fierce competition, Ye Mu, contestant No.5 and Wu Di, contestant No.2 stood out as champion and runner-up.

Story by Wang Meiling


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