George Washington University Brings Afterschool Activities to Primary & Secondary Schools

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the George Washington University [Time]    2017-06-29 18:41:27 

In May 2017, the GW Confucius Institute smoothly ended its full spring semester courses. However, the Confucius Institute’s spring work hasn’t come to an end. Up till now, the GW Confucius Institute has not yet established a Confucius Classroom, but they have begun introducing cultural activities to enter the District of Columbia public school classrooms. The Confucius Institute teachers have on 6 occasions visited elementary schools in the DC public school system, introducing Chinese language and culture. In the US capital, Washington DC, the activities series has brought about positive effects.

Two boys and their mother who was wearing the minority garments

On May 13th, the Confucius Institute and Washington DC Public School System cooperated on a global education day, attending the 2nd Annual DC Public Schools World Languages Festival. Confucius Institute teachers not only took a booth at the exhibition portion of the event, they also brought Chinese traditional minority clothing to allow students to try on and take photos. Many parents and their children were interested in the unique flare of Chinese minority group’s daily fashion and took many a photo wearing the garments to remember the occasion.

A father and son wearing the minority garments

Later, the Confucius Institute once again attended smaller World Language festivals held at different schools in the DC Public School system. At these small events, the Confucius Institute teachers brought with them Chinese calligraphy and paper cutting, letting students and parents alike try staples of Chinese culture.

Confucius Institute teacher demonstrating Chinese calligraphy for the attendees

The schools attended in this event series include both IB level schools at the top of their ranking as well as other public schools. The GW Confucius Institute’s cultural activities helped provide students a well-rounded and complete comprehension of Chinese culture. Through these cultural activity series, the Confucius Institute has successfully spread cultural knowledge and awareness on a larger scale. After the activities, some schools invited and hoped the Confucius Institute would continue their support.

Confucius Institute teacher demonstrating Chinese calligraphy for the attendees

In the DC Public School System Education Bureau there is great support for international languages and the support for it to raise global awareness and competitiveness of the students. The GW Confucius Institute will continue to use opportunities like these events to connect and contact with local schools and help them to promote Chinese language and culture.


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