Confucius Institute of Artois’s Workshop and Conferences at Saint Eloi Institution

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Artois [Time]    2017-06-29 16:24:16 

20th June 2017, Confucius Institute of Artois was invited by Saint Eloi High school to give a workshop and some conferences. Director of the Institute Mr. Wu organized the workshop, and the interns gave three presentations.

The Institute team was warmly welcomed by the Vice President Fréderic Moulin and the Chinese teacher Xie Jinjing. The workshop and the presentations took place in different classrooms. Mr. Wu demonstrated the history of Chinse calligraphy, he then led students to write some characters on the xuan paper. In the conference room, Fang Yuanyuan, Tao Siqi and Marine Flament gave three presentations on the evolution de costume de marriage, the subjects of French photographers in China and the Chinese identities. The audience was all concentrated and enthusiastic to participate.

20th June, Calligraphy demonstration at Saint Eloi Institution

20th June, Lecture at Saint Eloi Institution1

20th June, Lecture at Saint Eloi Institution2

20th June, Lecture at Saint Eloi Institution3

Confucius Institute of Artois has brought to the high school students a great opportunity to get closer to Chinese culture. It was deeply appreciated.

Edition/TAO Siqi Photos/FANG Yuanyuan, XIE Jinjing


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