Four Countries Jointly Celebrate International Folk Festival
—Confucius Institute at Las Palmas De Gran Canaria University Representing China Attends Gran Canaria International Folk Festival

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Las Palmas De Gran Canaria University [Time]    2017-06-23 12:51:32 

Scientist Isaac Newton said, “We have built too many walls but not enough bridges.” Gran Canaria of Spain, surrounded by the sea and volcanic cliffs, and away from the land, is a habitation hub for immigrants from all over the world. Though bearing different cultural backgrounds, they get along with each other and are happy to see the integration of multi-culture while maintaining their own unique customs. In attempt to further promote the cultural integration of all ethnic groups and build more communication bridges, the “International Folk Festival Manantial” was held in Gran Canaria from June 9th to 10th, local time.

An opening ceremony being held at the Casa Consistorial in Arucas during the festival

The government staff of Arucas showing the cultural groups around the cultural attractions of the city and explaining in vivid and witty words, the evolution of Arucas and how the bridge of the city's multi-ethnic exchange has been built.

In the evening, the cultural groups of various countries dressed in their traditional folk costumes, walking on the ancient streets of Arucas. They walked while playing their own traditional music, singing and dancing. At the climax of their performance, a group of handsome Portuguese boys joined the beautiful dancing Chinese girls and they performed a passionate dance. Chinese girls wearing chirpaur jumped in brisk steps with music, like happy elves, and the audience beat the rhythm in laughter, intoxicating with cheerful voices.

Chinese girls and Portuguese boys dancing together

Light was shining on Plaza de San Juan. Keyed-up March of the Volunteers sounded first, and teachers of the Confucius Institute at Las Palmas De Gran Canaria University walked onto the stage holding up the Five-Starred Red Flag. Later on, delegations of Portugal and Japan came onto the stage in succession, and the finale debut were various artist delegations of the host country Spain. In the melodious Spanish national anthem, the artistic performance of the International Folk Festival commenced.

Five-Starred Red Flag fluttering on the stage. Teachers and students of the Confucius Institute at Las Palmas De Gran Canaria University stepping onto the stage first, bringing the audience excellent folk dance and Chinese zither solo.

Chen Shuixian, a student of the Confucius Institute performing the folk dance Blue and White Porcelain with tenderness.

Liu Di, a teacher of the Confucius Institute performing Chinese zither solo Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon. The melodious, mountain-spring-like crisp and sweet string teleporting the audience to a fairy-tale world

Zhang Ping, a teacher of the Confucius Institute performing ardent Xinjiang dance Sanam, with charming eyes and appealing moves, igniting the happy atmosphere at the site time and time again.

Portuguese Grupo Folklórico de Barcelinhos Japanese Asociación Cultural Dentou, and Madrid Asociación Folklórico-Cultural “El caño” displayed unique folk instruments performance and dance of their own to the audience in succession. The grand finale was presented by the sponsor Agrupación Folklórica Manantial in local traditional costumes, playing distinctive instruments of Las Palmas and brining many ardent songs and dances of Gran Canaria. At the end of the show, the dancers invited the audience to the stage to sing and dance together till late night.

The performers of Madrid Art Troupe singing and dancing

A group photo of Arucas Municipal Party Committee and organizers

On June 10th, the International Folk Festival Manantial came to Las Palmas City. The Parque De La Mayordomia was filled with art exhibitions of different countries. On behalf of the Chinese side, the Confucius Institute at Las Palmas De Gran Canaria University exhibited a number of Chinese calligraphy works. Many people gathered in front of China's exhibition area, and received their name written with a Chinese brush by Liu Jingshan as gifts. Finally, the exciting and bustling parade and theatrical performances came to an end in joyful applause.

The Confucius Institute at Las Palmas De Gran Canaria University presenting Chinese name to international friends as gifts

A group photo of the Confucius Institute at Las Palmas De Gran Canaria University and Las Palmas Municipal Party Committee as well as organizers

The International Folk Festival Manantial was sponsored by the government of Gran Canaria and Agrupación Folklórica Manantial. The Confucius Institute at Las Palmas De Gran Canaria University, on behalf of China, co-organized the festival with the cultural groups from Portugal, Japan, Madrid and the Gran Canaria of Spain upon invitation.

As the organizers themselves said, the event was not only a folk art show or just skills exchange among more than 100 artists, but a reflection of an inevitable trend of communication and integration of multi-ethnic cultures under economic globalization. They believe the outstanding performance of the Confucius Institute at Las Palmas De Gran Canaria University at the international cultural event showed the enthusiasm, amity, cultural diversity and inclusiveness of China.

Story and photos by: Qian Jin


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