Chinese Language Teaching Elites Gather in Cultural Study
—Qualifying Round of First "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" Summer Camp Goes on Wheels

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) [Time]    2017-06-21 13:40:36 

From June 15th to 16th, the first "Chinese Language Teaching Idols" Summer Camp–the 2017 Exchange Conference on Chinese Teaching of Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) was in full swing. After fierce competition, 32 contestants advanced to the next round.

This stage was divided into two parts: cultural study and leaderless group discussion. In the cultural study on June 15th, 50 contestants were divided into five groups, each with five Chinese and five foreigners, playing different roles respectively including group leader, speaker, designer, and interviewer, and each group conducted research on one of the five themes: "My Future is not a Dream", "Craftsmanship", "From Made in China to Created by China", "Small Hutong and Big Beijing" and "Connectivity Along the ‘Belt and Road’". The contestants visited Hutongs, enterprises, schools, and commercial centers, and interviewed the entrepreneurs, cultural celebrities, successors of traditional crafts, young leaders and ordinary citizens.

During the interviews, the contestants gained a better understanding of Chinese traditional culture and contemporary China through the "craftsmanship" of the interviewees such as Lv Shuling, who has been dedicated to cultural relic restoration for 20 years, Zhang Dongmei, whose life motto is "Nobody sees it, but God knows it", is a chief technician of Tongrentang, a time-honored Chinese pharmaceutical company. Prof. Chang Jingyu at Beijing Language and Culture University who expressed that languages pave the way for the “Belt and Road”, as well as changes in modern Chinese society brought by high-speed railway, Alipay, shared bicycles, and online shopping. They said that "perseverance materializes the dream", and as Chinese language teachers, they would learn from the above role models, devote themselves to their own career and ideal, water the flower of friendship between China and foreign countries with passion, and facilitate the world’s understanding of China.

The contestants participating in cultural study

The contestants participating in cultural study

On June 16th, in the leaderless group discussion, the five groups of contestants had heated discussion on teaching issues such as how to prepare the first Chinese lesson, whether the teacher should use foreign languages in the language teaching, and how to solve the students’ accent problem, which has demonstrated contestants’ professionalism.

Leaderless group discussion

Expert guidance

Debate training

At this stage, the cross-culture communication ability of the contestants was displayed in a more comprehensive way and being further improved. And working in a team, the contestants combined the experience gained from Chinese traditional cultural events with discussion on contemporary Chinese culture, presenting their charm and excellence in an all-around manner. Through cultural research and discussion, they had a deeper understanding of contemporary China and Chinese international education. Chinese Language Teaching Idols is still ongoing with more splendid stories to be told. Let us look forward to it.


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