Zongzi on the Screen: Confucius Institute at SS Cyril and Methodius University Records TV Special on Dragon Boat Festival

[Source]    Confucius Institute at SS Cyril and Methodius University [Time]    2017-06-09 13:22:17 

On May 23rd, 2017 local time, as the Dragon Boat Festival approached, the Confucius Institute at SS Cyril and Methodius University was invited to a TV special on “Dragon Boat Festival: Chinese Traditional Festival” by Alfa TV. The institute appeared on the stage of Alfa TV a second time to present the Chinese culture to locals.

At the program site

During the program, volunteer teacher Renqinglamu introduced the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival and the story of Qu Yuan. Through pictures and videos, she presented folk customs of the festival, such as racing dragon boats, eating Zongzi, making fragrant bags, hanging moxa, and drinking realgar wine.

Introducing the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival

Volunteer teacher Wang Lu used the studio as her small “kitchen” and suddenly the room was filled with the scent of Zongzi. She presented Zongzi to the audience, and received profuse praise from the host. During the program, Ms Wang compared different fillings of Zongzi in the South and North of China, and introduced the ingredients one needs to make Red Date Zongzi. She taught how to make Zongzi on site, and her expert skills won a round of applause.

Learning how to make Zongzi

A Chinese language teacher named Zhang Tinghong became a craftsman in the program. Gathering everything he needed, including silk, needle, thread, honeysuckle, lavender and cotton, Mr. Zhang taught the audience how to make fragrant bags. He finished two bags in a moment while making explanation, delivering a practical handcraft lesson.

Learning how to make fragrant bags

The program will be shown on the Cultural Life Channel of Alpha TV on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, through which local people will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the traditional Chinese festival.


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