The lecture “Contemporary China: political, economic and social contextualization”

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Artois, France [Time]    2017-06-08 17:24:08 

The Confucius Institute of Artois held the lecture “Contemporary China: political, economic and social contextualization”in the amphithéâtre Jean-Monet, which was given by Mr.Thomas Boutonnet who works in the department of Chinese Studies and Eastern, Slavic and Neo-Hellenic Studies Group of Strasbourg University on Thursday, 18th May, 2017.

Mr. Thomas Boutonnet giving the lecture

In the beginning of the lecture, Mr.Thomas Boutonnet brought the audiences a brief introduction of the geography and social situation of China,especially the policy of Hukou which is an instrument for controlling geographical and social mobility.He presented series of the reform and opening-up policies and different stages. Starting from the famous expression « Leaving some regions enriched before others» by DENG Xiaoping, the former leader of the people’s republic of China, he profoundly analyzed the consequences of reforms and decentralization.From public ownership to privatization, China’s economic system reform has a great influence on its society and brings its people a lot of challenges.For exemple, at the end of the « iron rice bowl », millions of workers and other public employees were dismissed or «demobilized».Since the progressive easing of migration conditions, labor flowing speed up and human resources are reconfigured by the market. With the high speed of urbanization process, the consumption level and consumption mentality of Chinese people already have a new change.In the end, Mr.Thomas Boutonnet summarized the current economic development and social security system of China.

The conference has been warmly received and ended with a series of questions from the assembly. The audience expressed their strong interest in attending similar conference provided by Confucius Institute in the future.

Edition:Chen Jinqiu;photo: Yang Jing