A First for Chinese Books at Turin Book Fair

[Source]    Xinhuanet.com [Time]    2017-05-26 18:19:56 

By the time the 30th Turin International Book Fair in Italy was coming to an end, a large crowd of local people were still around the China Exhibition Booth.

“Are there any textbooks for learning Chinese?” “Can you show me how to make a Chinese knot?” At the China Booth, Chinese exhibitors were busy answering such questions.

First time having Chinese books exhibited, the Turin International Book Fair was organized by the Chinese Book Import and Export Corporation, the Chinese delegation aimed to enhance exchanges with the publishing industry in Italy and to warm up for the 2018 Italy Bologna International Children’s Book Fair with China as one major exhibitor.

On the display counter, books published by People’s Publishing House such as A Study of the Important Speeches Made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, “Belt and Road”: Opportunities and Challenges, China’s Supply-side Structural Reform, Literary Notes of China’s Economy and An Illustrated Guide to China appeared as series.

What’s more, nearly a hundred species of high-quality books in Chinese or English were exhibited as well, including Chinese traditional culture reads, books on humanities and social science, children’s books, language learning textbooks, etc.

To enliven the atmosphere, teachers and students from the Confucius Institute in Turin were invited to display Chinese traditional arts at the China Booth,such as calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper cutting and Chinese knots, etc.

According to reports, Cao Wenxuan, Chinese children’s literature writer, received the Hans Christian Andersen Award in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2016. After that, many of his works have been translated and exported to Italy. At present, Chinese illustrative books are getting popular worldwide. This year, a great number of publishers participated in the book fair to discuss cooperation in the publication of children’s literature, illustrative books and Chinese traditional literature.

Many young Chinese language learners visited the booth accompanied by their parents in the search for textbooks in Italian. As the Chinese fever continues to take control of the country, the language has become a compulsory course at some local high schools.

Wang Tong, vice president of People’s Publishing House, said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency that cultural exchanges between China and Italy had run a long course. It was books such as The Travels of Marco Polo that opened the door for communications between China and the West. The book exhibition in Italy is a great opportunity for People’s Publishing House to better understand the industry trends and Western readers’ needs and to broaden the horizon of the publishing sector.

Founded in 1988, the Turin International Book Fair is the largest book fair in Italy. It lasted from May 18th to 22nd.

(Luo Na, Xinhua News Agency, Turin, Italy, May 22nd)


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