“China in Children’s Eyes” Held in Slovenia

[Source]    Xinhua News Agency [Time]    2017-05-25 13:39:09 

On May 16th, local time, the “China in Children’s Eyes” art performance, which was held in the Confucius Institute at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and presented a taste of the Chinese culture to over four hundred people, including primary and middle school students, kindergarten toddlers and their parents, got a warm welcome.

The event saw more than one hundred children from different parts of the country display their Chinese language abilities and deep fondness for Chinese culture on stage of a center for cultural activities in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.

At the event’s start, a Slovenian-Chinese girl played the guzheng and the melody fascinated the audience. Later, twenty girls from a primary school in Kranj, the third largest city of Slovenia, chorused two Chinese songs The Moon Represents my Heart and Pearl of the Orient. Their beautiful harmony and standard pronunciation won loud cheers from the audience.

The girls chorusing The Moon Represents My Heart

The girls chorusing Pearl of the Orient

Children from Koper Primary School sang the children’s song Fish in the Water in their newly-learnt Chinese. A student from a senior high school in Maribor, the country’s second largest city, performed the renowned folk composition Fern Leaf Hedge Bamboo in the Moonlight with a cucurbit flute, a kind of folk musical instrument.

A girl playing Fern Leaf Hedge Bamboo in the Moonlight

Pupils from Turnovo Primary School, a Chinese Language Base in Ljubljana performed The Rooster Crows at Sunrise, a drama adapted from an ancient Chinese legend, Houyi Shooting the Sun. The performance showed their proficiency in Chinese.

A stage play, Houyi Shooting the Sun, the Rooster Crows at Sunrise

A stage play, Houyi Shooting the Sun, the Rooster Crows at Sunrise

At the end, about 40 kindergartners from Ljubljana sang the Chinese nursery rhyme Where are you, my friend. All thirteen wonderful performances won constant applause.

Kids singing Where are you, my friend

The fan dance

Poetry recitation

Tai Chi show

Calligraphy demonstration

A Solo, Tian Mi Mi

Maja Makovec Brenčič, Minister of Education, Science and Sports of Slovenia was invited to watch the show. She showed appreciation to the institute for providing great opportunities for youngsters in Slovenia to learn about the Chinese language and culture. She remarked that kids’ acquaintance with one of the ancient and outstanding languages and cultures in the world is beneficial to the cultural development and social progress of Slovenia.

Brenčič delivering a speech

A group photo

(Story by Wang Yaxiong, Xinhua News Agency, Ljubljana;

Photos by the Confucius Institute at the University of Ljubljana)


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