Preliminary Round of the Tenth Chinese Bridge- Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students in Italy and San Marino Successfully Rounds Up

[Source]    CRI Online [Time]    2017-05-19 08:52:46 

Girls singing "Love Song in Kangding"--a famous Tibetan love song

On May 12th, the preliminary round for the tenth "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students in Italy and San Marino successfully came to a conclusion at the Marchesi Musical High School of Padova.

The awarding ceremony kicked off with the accompaniment of dynamic party music where 32 students from secondary schools all over Italy sang and danced joyfully. Soon after, the audience joined the contestants offstage as the atmosphere livened up.

The talent competition held in the morning reached its climax with skilled rapping, vivid sitcoms as well as authentic Peking Opera performances. Some creative contestants even played the classic short sketch "Leading and Supporting Roles" of Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao in the "Chinese Bridge" Competition. Their fluent and vivid performance stirred up the venue. The event was much more than just a competition among 32 middle school students, it was a wonderful talent show and a grand party where all showed their skills in Chinese and made friends. After the excellent performances by the well-prepared contestants came to an end, the venue was inundated with sustained applause.

Talent show - Peking Opera clip "Ode to Pear Flowers"

Luo Ping, Eeducation Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Italy also gave his comments at the event. He praised the contestants for their ability to blend into Chinese culture in such a natural atmosphere. He also hopes that the contestants can bring back home all the fun and joy obtained during the event and further spread the enthusiasm of learning Chinese and Chinese culture.

Young contestants Lorenzo di Nardo and Luca Colacino from the Confucius Institute at the University of Rome La Sapienza won first place with their coordinated and excellent performance after four rounds of fierce competition in the segments: "Chinese language and cultural ability test", "Chinese speech", "Talent show" and "Impromptu Q&A".

Lorenzo and Luca, champions of middle school students' group, performing short sketch "Leading and Supporting Roles"

"Every Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom in Italy has its own distinct characteristics. As to Italian senior high schools, they can be divided into liberal arts, language, science, and currently we also have sociology, economics and arts," Chen Chen, an experienced Chinese teacher at the National Boarding School of Rome told journalists. This time, we are quite pleased to find that the Chinese teaching in Padova has fused into each school's own unique traits. For example, we noticed that children here have music classes in Chinese, just like those students having specialized in Chinese and geography lessons in the National Boarding School of Rome. We feel that Chinese language teaching is a trend of diversified development, so the competition is a platform for those children to show what they have learned and demonstrate their full range of abilities; they can accept a challenge and try their best to achieve their own tiny goals and dreams. This is much more important than any result of the competition."

Lorenzo and Luca, champions of middle school students' group, performing short sketch "Leading and Supporting Roles"

The tenth "Chinese Bridge" competition is not only a happy journey for students to understand the Chinese culture, but also a journey of communication to understand their peers and make more friends through such a precious opportunity. In the future, these children will be grateful that they learned Chinese, for what it gives them goes beyond mere knowledge. More importantly, learning Chinese will enable them to broaden their horizon.

In recent years, Italian secondary schools have made remarkable progress in Chinese teaching, which is inseparable from the rapid economic growth of China. China-Italy economic and cultural exchanges have brought more opportunities and potentials, allowing Italian children and parents to understand that learning Chinese will be a good investment in the future. Meanwhile, language and culture can be fairly crucial in narrowing the gap between the two peoples. A bridge of communication and friendship can be built in a quiet and subtle way to bring cooperation and promote more smooth communication as well as a closer bond.

A group photo of guests and contestants

(Story by Zhang Jin, Song Chengjie, CRI Online)