Civil Servants of Venezuelan Government Set Off Chinese Fever

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Bolivarian University of Venezuela [Time]    2017-04-25 12:37:55 

On Mar. 17th, 2017, local time, the launching ceremony for Chinese course for civil servants of the Confucius Institute at Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) was held at the Venezuelan Academy of Planning affiliated to the Ministry of Planning, which is in charge of the training works for major ministries and commissions as well as universities and colleges.

Ricardo Menendez, Minister of Planning of Venezuela, Maryann Hanson, President of UBV, Zhao Bentang, Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela, He Ni, Director of the culture office of the Chinese Embassy in Venezuela, Andreina Bermudez Di Lorenzo, Foreign Director, and Shen Jufen, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at UBV, attended the event and delivered speeches. The ceremony had more than a hundred guests, which included student representatives from the ministries of planning, education, foreign affairs, industry and the Venezuelan Economic and Social Development Bank (BANDES) as well as other departments. The event also saw the attendance of Chinese companies in the country and students and teachers of the Confucius Institute.

The launching ceremony of Chinese class

The launching Ceremony of Chinese class

Ricardo Menéndez showed his high affirmation to and gave some suggestions for the development status of the Confucius Institute in his speech. He proposed that half of the space in the bookstore in Venezuelan Academy of Planning should be used for displaying Chinese and China-related books. And then, he stressed that Bolivarian University of Venezuela, as a partner university of the Confucius Institute, should actively seek the cooperation with Changzhou University and regularly invite Chinese visiting professors to give lectures. He also noted that since the deepening of the relations between China and Venezuela is based on the mutual understanding, learning Chinese is of great importance, which is an embodiment of the desire for enhancing mutual understanding, and which is not only a beginning but also an approach.

Zhao Bentang expressed that civil servants are hoped to understand Chinese culture by learning Chinese and make their contributions to the constant intensifying of the relations between the two countries.

Andreina Bermudez Di Lorenzo introduced the curriculum for the newly-established classes and development planning of the Confucius Institute. The institute plans to set up teaching centers in the Falcon Economic Development Zone (FEDZ) and the Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt (OHOB), where both countries are closely integrated economically, and where there is also a considerable presence of Joint-Ventures, all of which makes the Confucius Institute a great cultural platform for a an all-directional and multi-domain cooperation between China and Venezuela.

Shen Jufen shared her experiences of having been working in Venezuela for the past three months. She made clear that she hopes students keep a strict attitude towards their own studies. She said students and teachers should always learn from one another and strive to also draw strength from one another. She gave special thanks to all the Chinese firms that participated in the “I am a member of the Confucius Institute” volunteer program. The program currently has a total of 45 volunteers.

Tai chi Demonstration

What followed the speech was the demonstration Yang Tai Chi with thirty one movements by Taichi master Pu Guixian. The demonstration consisted of various combinations of movements of softness and hardness and the balance between dynamism and motionlessness, all of which embodies the pursuit of harmony between man and nature.

Group Photo of Volunteer Representatives

Chinese Course Started on Mar. 18th

The courses offered by the Confucius Institute to civil servants have caught the attention of the Venezuelan government. 60 civil servants signed up for the course. Lecturers include three instructors from the Confucius Institute and volunteers from the “I am a member of the Confucius Institute” program. The courses are aimed at beginners and so far students have shown great interest in learning Chinese language and culture.

Story by: Jia Yuxiao


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