Preliminary Round for the 16th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students Concludes in Kyrgyzstan Division

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Kyrgyz National University [Time]    2017-04-25 12:24:41 

On the morning of Apr. 15th, 2017, the preliminary round for the 16th Chinese bridge Chinese proficiency competition for foreign college students (Kyrgyzstan division) was held at the Kyrgyzstan National Theater. 32 outstanding candidates from 20 higher education institutions in the country took part in the contest and nearly a thousand people from all educational circles attended the event.

The competition was sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan and organized by the Confucius Institute and the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Kyrgyz National University. Xu Zhongxin, spokesman for the embassy, stressed in the speech that the “Chinese Bridge” not only provides a platform for foreigners to learn the Chinese language and its culture, but also serves as a bridge between the people of Kyrgyzstan and China, particularly for the youth. Masalbek Sulaimanov, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute, declared the competition open, after which Luo Xizheng, Deputy Director, read the scoring rules and criteria.

Xu Zhongxin delivering the speech

Themed “Dreams Light up Your Future”, the contest was comprised of three sections: speech, real time Q&A and talent show. In the speech section, contestants shared their vision for ties between China and Kyrgyzstan and the bright future of the cooperation between both countries. For the real time Q&A, two parts composed the activity: Answering questions on Chinese culture and questions by the judges. The Q&A sections tested contestants’ understanding of China’s current situation as well as its culture, as it also put to the test contestants’ competence in expressing themselves in Chinese Language. By the end of the section, participants’ outstanding performance won praise from the judges and applause from the audience.

Talent show----Give Me a Kiss

The talent show segment was held in a cheerful atmosphere with all students playing their trump cards. In delivering a vivid experience to the audience by singing Chinese songs and performing dances flawlessly, contestants showed heartwarming enthusiasm in proving themselves when it came to Chinese language and culture. The audience was left with nothing but commotion and cheering about the contestants’ outstanding performance.

The champion of the contest

Rounding up the contest was Mirlanova Bermet from the teaching point affiliated to the Confucius Institute at the International Atatürk-Alatoo University, winning unanimously.

Story by Zhao Yingying; Photos by Wang Hui