Chairman Zhang Dejiang Visits the Confucius Institute at Vilnius University in Lithuania

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Vilnius University, Lithuania [Time]    2017-04-20 17:30:01 

On Apr. 15th local time, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Zhang Dejiang visited Vilnius University and its Confucius Institute during his official goodwill visit to Lithuania, having interactions with teachers and students there.

Zhang Dejiang listened to the presentation about the development of the Confucius Institute made by Prof. Zhang Donghui, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, and watched the cultural display panels of the institute. Zhang Dejiang fully affirmed the achievements made by the Confucius Institute at Vilnius University in the past six years. He asked the situations about such courses as traditional Chinese medicine and Tai-chi provided by the Confucius Institute, and suggested the Confucius Institute to develop a Chinese teaching method that is more suitable for Lithuanian students and some practical teaching materials. Zhang Dejiang noted that the Confucius Institute could never have made such great achievements without supports from the local government and its people as well as the active promotion by Vilnius University. The Confucius Institute serves as a medium and an exchanging manner, which strengthens the communication between China, Lithuania as well as other relevant countries and promotes friendly exchanges between the two peoples.

Zhang Dejiang and his party having interactions with representatives of teacher and students from the university and the Confucius Institute in Czeslaw Milosz Reading Room (Czeslaw Milosz is the Nobel Laureate in Literature in 1980, and a Vilnius University alumnus)

Rector of Vilnius University Prof. Artūras Žukauskas extended warm welcome to Zhang Dejiang for his visit to the university and expressed his wish to attract more Chinese students to study in Lithuania.

Lithuanian sinologist Dr. Vitas made a keynote speech titled “The Concept of Mutual-beneficial Cooperation with the Confucius Institute”. Zhang Dejiang encouraged foreign scholars like Dr. Vitas to carry out more researches on oriental culture, and Chinese philosophy in particular. He also suggested connecting the research with contemporary international relations as well as personal relations.

Accompanied by Lithuanian Ambassador to China Ina Marciulionyte and Rector Artūras Žukauskas, Zhang Dejiang and his party visited the oldest exhibition room of the library in Vilnius University, Smuglevicius, in which many ancient European books of the 16th or 17th century about Chinese culture, including a set of early 20th century’s copies of Kangxi Dictionary are collected.

Zhang Dejiang appreciating ancient Chinese books collected in Smuglevicius, including the Kangxi Dictionary

Prof. Zhang Donghui, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute introducing the development of the Confucius Institute

Upon leaving the university, Zhang Dejiang shook hands with teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Institute and encouraged young people to work in foreign countries to gain more experience. He wished the Confucius Institute a more promising future.