Newsletter: Sound of Reading Chinese in the Office of Prime Minster of Turkey

[Source]    Xinhua News Agency [Time]    2017-04-18 17:34:51 

It was the first time for Chinese language class of the Confucius Institute to be held in the Office of the Prime Minster of Turkey recently. More than 20 civil servants of the office opened the door to the Chinese language learning in waves of “babbling sounds”.

On Apr. 11th, Cheng Haiyan (the one standing in the picture), a Chinese language teacher playing the cucurbit flute, a traditional Chinese music instrument, in the Office of Prime Minster, Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

On Apr. 11th, at the opening ceremony, new students paid homage to Confucius. Led by Chinese language teachers, they worshiped the ancient sage of Chinese culture on their bent knees for three times to show great respect for traditional Chinese culture.

It is understood that Chinese language class is opened for the first time in the Office of Prime Minister of Turkey. The first period of the Chinese language courses will last for three months with 3 class hours every week. Students who successfully complete all the courses will get the certificate of completion.

Halil Afsarata, Head of Strategic Development Department of the Office of Prime Minister, is a China hand. He attended this event in Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing). He expressed that China has become the most important trading partner of Turkey, and the economic, trade and cultural ties between Turkey and China will be continually deepened in the future. Learning Chinese and knowing more about China are essential for the Turkish civil servants, especially for young people.

It is the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University that sets up the Chinese language class in the Office of Prime Minister. Du Yun, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University, noted that the preparations of this event went smoothly. The Turkish government has been very supportive in offering Chinese language courses by proactively providing teaching sites and helping with promotions.

Urul, a student from the Chinese language class and a financial management practitioner, said that with deepening economic cooperation between Turkey and China, his job was increasingly connected with China, and again he was about to go on a business trip to China a week later, which gave him great impetus to learn Chinese.

Given that all the students have a busy schedule, Chinese language courses are offered during lunch break, which, however, never dampen their enthusiasm or earnestness to learn. Many students rush to the class with their notebooks immediately after finishing their morning work and simply appease their hunger with snacks offered on site.

At the opening ceremony, Chinese language teachers from the Confucius Institute staged a cucurbit flute performance and presented Chinese knot, facial makeup of Peking Opera, a bamboo slip of The Art of War and other things related to Chinese culture, which impressed the students and received thunderous applause from them.

“Welcome! Our new students!” The young Turkish students’ melodious voices of recitation are sounded amid blooming spring in the Office of Prime Minister.

(Story and photos by Qin Yanyang, Xinhua News Agency, Ankara, Apr. 12th)


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