Uruguayan Ambassador to China: Establishment of the Confucius Institute in Uruguay will Bring the Two Peoples Closer

[Source]    Xinhua News Agency [Time]    2017-04-18 17:31:10 

Uruguayan Ambassador to China Fernando Lugris speaking at the press conference

On Apr. 11th, Uruguayan Ambassador to China Fernando Lugris expressed that the Confucius Institute to be unveiled and established in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is the specific reflection of implementing China-Uruguay strategic partnership, which is helpful for the exchanges and mutual learning of the two cultures, bringing people of the two countries closer.

Fernando Lugris said in the interview with Xinhua that currently there are several private-owned training institutes teaching Chinese in Montevideo. The Confucius Institute to be established will play the role as a “booster”, attracting more local people to learn Chinese.

Fernando Lugris introduced that the Confucius Institute, jointly built by the University of the Republic (Uruguay) and Qingdao University, will be the first one in Uruguay, which is planned to be officially unveiled and operated in October, 2017. He said that China is the largest trade partner of Uruguay. Owing to the closer economic and trade exchanges between Uruguay and China, Uruguayans are increasingly curious about China and interested in learning Chinese.

Uruguayan Ambassador to China Fernando Lugris speaking at the press conference

On the same day, in the press conference held by the Uruguayan Embassy in China,  Roberto Markarán, Rector of the University of the Republic (Uruguay) , who was in China for a visit, introduced that, the University of the Republic (Uruguay), set up in 1838, is the largest higher education institute in Uruguay as well as one of the prestigious universities in Latin America.

Roberto Markarán believed that language is the basis of promoting bilateral relations for in-depth development. The Confucius Institute will make its contributions to bringing the two peoples closer through Chinese teaching and cultural activities.

According to information, during Roberto Markarán’s visit to China, he conducted exchanges and communication with such famous universities in China as Tsinghua University and Beijing University. On Apr. 13th, Roberto Markarán and his party will leave for Qingdao to discuss and confirm the details about the inauguration of the Confucius Institute with Qingdao University.

Rector of University of the Republic (Uruguay) Roberto Markarán speaking at the press conference

Under the framework of the 2016 China-Latin America Cultural Exchange Year, China and Uruguay carried out various cultural activities, including dance, music, literature, sculpture, movies, football. Fernando Lugris said that 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Uruguay-China diplomatic relations and he hoped to further improve the frequency and popularity of Uruguay-China cultural exchanges, making next year a Uruguay-China Cultural Exchange Year.

China and Uruguay established diplomatic relations in 1988. In 2016, when President Tabare Vazquez of Uruguay visited China, the two countries announced to establish a strategic partnership and reached consensus on the negotiation of signing China-Uruguay Free Trade Agreement. In recent years, the trade between the two countries has developed rapidly. China’s investment in Uruguay has continued to grow with continuous expanding cooperation fields. The bilateral trade volume rose from 124 million dollars at the establishment of the diplomatic relations to 3.72 billion dollars in 2017.

From 2006 till now, 20 countries in Latin America have set up 39 Confucius Institutes and 18 Confucius Classrooms. The Confucius Institute Latin America Regional Center was also unveiled in Santiago, the capital of Chile in 2014.

(Story by An Yang. Photos by Guo Mengyan, Xinhua News Agency, New Media, Beijing, Apr. 12th)


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