Cuba Hosts 2017 Chinese Bridge Competition

[Source]    Xinhua News Agency [Time]    2017-04-18 17:00:15 

On Apr. 12th, the preliminary match of the 2017 Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students (Cuba division) was held in Havana, the Cuban capital.

Following three rounds of competition in which seven students from the Chinese Class of the Confucius Institute at the University of Havana delivered speeches, answered general knowledge questions, and gave talent shows, Diana Blanco (Chinese name: Shao Wei) won the first prize.

Blanco shared her experiences and understanding of learning Chinese in her speech I Have a Dream, and recited rhythmically Invitation To Wine — a poem by the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai — in her talent show. After receiving the award from Chen Xi, Chinese Ambassador to Cuba, Blanco said: “I’m very excited about winning this competition because it is very important for me to learn Chinese.”

Students from the Confucius Institute also presented performances to nearly 200 audience as well as friends and family members of the contestants. Dance shows Blue and White Porcelain and Dai Girls in the Rain, and songs Singing about the Opera Faces, Sorry for my Bad Chinese, Little Apple and Large China all received warm applauses from the audience.

After the prize presentation, Ambassador Chen Xi stated that currently there are more than 100 million people overseas learning Chinese, which has greatly strengthened the economic, trade and cultural ties between China and other countries. The diplomat also thanked the Cuban government for offering more than 3000 scholarships to Chinese students since 2006 and allowing them to learn Spanish in this Caribbean island.

Since the official opening of the Confucius Institute at the University of Havana in 2009, the number of Cuban students enrolled to learn Chinese has been increasing rapidly. Now, more and more Cubans have developed an interest in learning Chinese.

(Story by Ma Guihua, Xinhua News Agency, Havana, Apr. 12th)