The Indonesian Youth Micro-screen Festival Opens in Jakarta

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Al Azhar, Indonesia [Time]    2017-04-07 16:45:57 

The Youth Micro-screen Festival, themed on “Youth Micro-screen Silk Road Situation” and organized by the Confucius Institute at the University of Al Azhar, Indonesia, was held in Jakarta on Apr. 1st. More than 300 people including Luizah F Saidi, Director of Human Resources Development Center of Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Ahmad Lubis, President of the University of Al Azhar, Wang Zhixian, an official of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia and other guests as well as teachers and students from universities of Jakarta, attended the event.

The opening ceremony of micro-screen festival

Luizah F. Saidi said in the opening address that the films which can convey information and knowledge easily and directly may become a good carrier in promoting mutual understanding on the two cultures for Chinese and Indonesians, hoping that this film festival can be an opportunity to deepen cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.

Ahmad Lubis stated that, along with the in-depth development of China-Indonesia relations, the number of Chinese and Indonesian students in both countries is increasing. He encouraged more Indonesian students to study in China and welcomed Chinese students to study in Indonesia as well.

Wang Zhixian expressed that the film festival, on the platform of the micro-screens, added bright youthful colors to people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries. He hopes that the young people of the two countries will seize the opportunity to strengthen the exchanges and increase cooperation, so that the friendship between China and Indonesia will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples and be passed on from generation to generation.

Guests presenting awards to the winners at Micro-screen Contest

The Festival featuring a Youth Micro-Screen Contest attracted more than 20 teams from different Indonesia Universities. What worth a special mention are the Indonesian students sponsored by the Confucius Institute Scholarships (CIS). As an embodiment of the friendship and cultural exchanges between the two countries, their films, with an artistic combination of scenes shot in China with those in Indonesia, won wide applause from the audience.

Huang Bin, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Al-Azhar University said that this Youth Micro-screen Festival provide Indonesians enthusiastic about Chinese culture with new insights into China and encouraged more Indonesian students to learn the changes and development of China’s society.

After watching the movies screened at the opening ceremony, Li Na, a freshman of Confucius Institute, solicitously expressed her wish to study at China. She said, “I want to study in China and visit the majestic Tiananmen Square.”

The micro-screen festival themed Salon

During the Salon, the role movie plays in the cultural exchanges between China and Indonesia was deeply discussed by famous Indonesian director Gunter, Moran, popular actor, and Aido, Professor of the Department of Media and Communication of Al-Azhar University Indonesia, Jia Jianjing, chief correspondent of China Central Television in Indonesia, Zhang Yingchen, famous Chinese producer and director and other guests. They all agreed that movies open the gate for cultural exchanges between the two countries and the channel of mutual understanding. They hoped that young Indonesians can make more good movies to promote better understanding of each other's culture.

Students of Confucius Institute at University of Al Azhar Indonesia playing traditional Chinese musical instruments

At the opening ceremony, students of the Confucius Institute at University of Al Azhar presented traditional Chinese performances, such as cucurbit flute “The Fern leaf Hedge Bamboo in the Moonlight”, Chinese traditional fan dance, Chinese martial arts and chorus “Singing and Smiling”.