“Chinese Day” Celebrated With Chinese New Year in Millburn Primary School

[Source]     [Time]    2017-03-30 11:47:20 

On the 24th of Feburary, 2017, Millburn Primary School (MPS), the global outstanding Confucius Classroom winner in 2016, launched a fantastic celebration to celebrate Chinese New year together with “Chinese Day” of MPS. During the past four years, the Chinese Mandarin Programme has built a bridge for the pupils and staff to not only learn Chinese language but also know more about Chinese culture.

Chinese tea art and knot

The six Chinese mandarin teachers from the Confucius Institute at Ulster University organized wonderful activities such as Chinese Tea show, Calligraphy, Chinese Paper Cutting, Chinese Dancing, Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Food Culture. Chinese Tea show aroused pupils great interest in the origin and its special making method. Miss Wei’s daughter, who is only four, became a super star for her amazing performance in Chinese Knot bracelets making.

Chinese classical dance

Chinese swordsmanship

We can use chopsticks

Red and yellow, which are also called Millburn colors by the pupils, are the lucky colors in China. Many students brought their paper cutting of these two colours home in hope they could also bring luck to their family. Those who love music and dancing enjoyed a happy moment with Gao in the assembly hall. Wearing the traditional Chinese costumes and holding the “Tuan Shan”, pupils appreciated and experienced the unique beauty of Chinese dancing. Martial Arts is always the favorite item among the all. Many pupils said they felt like they were heroes while they were playing the “Taichi Sword”. And for the first time, pupils from P6 and P7 got the chance to write their names in Chinese. Meanwhile in P4 classrooms, pupils were thrilled to taste the most challenging activity, using chopsticks, with Miss Liang.

It was a memorable day for the pupils in Millburn Primary School. Mrs Lamont, the principal of Millburn Primary School, said: “We very much appreciate what our Chinese teachers have done today. I hope our children can have more chances to experience the spectacular Chinese Culture and Chinese language.” The coordinator of Chinese Mandarin Programme, Mr Gilchrist, also said not only the pupils but also the parents and staff became more and more interested in Chinese culture.


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