Confucius Institute at SF State and the Affiliated Confucius Classroom Hosts 2017 Spring Workshop on Chinese Teaching

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University [Time]    2017-03-30 11:50:05 

Confucius Institute at SF State and the affiliated Confucius Classroom at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy (WSCA) successfully hosted 2017 Spring Workshop on Chinese Teaching focusing on the THEME - Rhyme it! Act it! Speak it! – on Saturday, March 11 at CSU-Sacramento. 60 Chinese language teachers from K-12 schools and colleges/universities across Northern California were present.

Jiaxin Xie, Director of Confucius Institute at SF State and Peggy Kao, Chinese teacher from Confucius Classroom at WSCA delivered welcome remarks as kick-off of the event, inviting speeches by Education Counselor Jun Yang from Consulate General of the P.R. China in San Francisco, Mr. Scott Crosson, Vice Principal of WSCA, and Dr. Curtis Dean Smith, Chair of Foreign Language Department of CSU-Sacramento.

Education Counselor Jun Yang from Consulate General of the P.R. China in San Francisco

To support affiliated Confucius Classroom at WSCA to expand services and resources for Chinese teaching to more schools in big Sacramento Area, CI at SF State invited Ms. Jian Gao as presenter at 2017 Spring Workshop. Ms. Gao has been teaching Mandarin in the USA for over 30 years, beginning teaching college students at UC-Berkeley and moving to Massachusetts to teach all levels of Chinese courses from K to 12th grades. As recommended by fellow Confucius Institute colleagues, Ms. Gao is not only an experienced Chinese teacher, but also an expert in designing effective teacher training and compiling appropriate teaching materials. Based on her longtime and rich experience in teaching Chinese in America, from university to K-12 schools, from west coast (Berkeley) to east coast (Boston), Ms. Gao explored and developed an effective teaching method called RAS (Rhyme it! Act it! Speak it!), using rhymes in all aspects of her instructions to make Chinese learning easy and fun and motivate all students to achieve impressive outcomes.

Presenter Jian Gao

Five-hour Workshop includes three sessions. In the first session, the presenter demonstrated her method of Rhyme it! Act it! Speak it! Ms. Jian Gao introduced some of her 200 rhymes, conversation rhymes, catchy chants and skits to the participants at the workshop. All teachers were very active in following presenter to move into a wonderful and enjoyable situation for learning the language. That’s method “RAS” she used in her classroom for many years. In the second session, Language Aims and Classroom Games, Ms. Gao shared her experience and practice in teaching Chinese characters, structures, and mostly used sentences. She believed that it was students’ first priority in high schools to learn the authentic and standard language for their future studies in universities. The last session covered Classroom Management. She always interpreted and described the phrase “Classroom Management” in a school setting as “Creating Sunshine Culture” for and with the students, symbolizing the teacher as the sun, and students as the flowers.

Teachers in the Workshop

The Confucius Institute prepared some raffle books as awards to both the presenter and participating teachers. The workshop came to a successful closing after a few months’ promotion and cooperation. All participants felt excited and inspired by Ms. Jian Gao’s teaching method and skills. They are ready to apply what they have learned from the presenter to their own teaching. They appreciated the Confucius Institute at SF State and the affiliated Confucius Classroom for organizing such an impressive and productive workshop. They expected that we would offer more opportunities for them, long-time followers of the workshops, to further enhance their knowledge and teaching skills.


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