The Grand Opening Ceremony of Confucius Classroom in Stedelijk College Eindhoven

[Source]    Groningen Confucius Institute [Time]    2017-03-15 16:01:18 

On Thursday February 23th, 2017, Stedelijk College Eindhoven held a grand opening ceremony for its Confucius Classroom, which is the 8th Confucius Classroom of Groningen Confucius Institute (GCI) in the Netherlands, witnessed by over a hundred students and parents of the school. After an inspiring speech by Mr. Wim van de Donk, the King’s Commissioner of the North Brabant province, he together with Dr. Jingyi Liu, the Chinese director of GCI, gave the event a ceremonial touch by unveiling the plaque of the Confucius Classroom at Stedelijk College Eindhoven.

Mr. Wim van de Donk and Mrs. Jingyi Liu were unveiling the plaque of the Confucius Classroom

GCI Director Mrs. Jingyi Liu was giving a speech

In Mr. van de Donk’s speech, he mentioned that the establishment of this Confucius Classroom is an exciting example of globalization. He shared the motivating story that his wife has obtained the certificate of HSK (Chinese proficiency test), and enthusiastically encouraged the students to keep exploring the Chinese language and culture. Dr. Jingyi Liu, Mr. M. Stoker Chairman of the College van Bestuur SPVOZN, Mrs. I. van Zuijdam principal of Stedelijk College Eindhoven, Mr. Willem Gebuis vice principal of Stedelijk College Eindhoven, and Mr. Wilbert Seuren alderman of the municipality of Eindhoven also shed light on the Chinese language and culture education from different perspectives in their speeches.

The piano performance of classic Chinese song

This large-scale ceremony also was an event to appreciate the talents of the students in both Chinese language and culture aspects. Mrs. I. van Zuijdam, Dr. Jingyi Liu and Mrs. Margie Li, the Chinese teacher of the school, jointly issued the certificates to students who have achieved HSK 1 and 2. What’s more, a group of students performed two Chinese songs "Jasmine Flower" and "My Chinese is not so good",and danced along a popular Chinese song "Little Apple". Besides the singing and dancing, the piano playing by students of the school and the lion dance were highly praised by the audience as well. This event was covered by the local media.

(By Wenjia Xu, photos by Yuhui Li, Wenjia Xu)


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