Tasting the China-Europe Business Talent Honours Program and Celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year

[Source]     [Time]    2017-03-15 13:47:07 

On Feb 08, 2017, GCI and International Business School (IBS) jointly organized an event to introduce China-Europe Business Talent Honours program and celebrate Chinese New Year in Hanze UAS. The event boasted keynote speeches, cultural workshops and a Chinese New Year Celebration. More than 50 students and teachers attended the event.

Mr. Bram ten Kate was giving a welcoming speech

The event started with a welcoming speech by Mr. Bram ten Kate, Dear of IBS. He reiterated the importance of the China-Europe Business Talent (CEBT) Honours Program that is a cooperative project with GCI. According to him, the aim of this program is to cultivate business talents for the development of China-Europe trade.

Mr. Qingyu Meng was giving a keynote speech

Mr. Qingyu Meng, Education Counselor from Chinese Embassy to the Netherlands, then gave a speech stressing the great benefit that learning Chinese language and understanding Chinese culture would bring to the students, in the context of more cooperation between China and the Netherlands.

Mrs. Ingrid Fischer was introducing the honours program

The honours program was introduced by Mrs. Ingrid Fischer, Coordinator of CEBT Program. She gave an extensive description of this program, including application requirements, curriculum and future plan.

Mrs. Jingyi Liu was giving a keynote speech

The role that GCI plays in this program was well explained by Mrs. Jingyi Liu, GCI Director. She listed what GCI provides students in this program, including Chinese language courses, Chinese business environment lecture series, culture workshops and opportunities such as summer camp to China, Confucius Institute scholarship to study in China and activities to support students for future internship and so forth. Later on, she gave a workshop elaborating on the significance of developing cultural intelligence for the business talents in the 21st century.

GCI teachers Jia Wang and Ming Wen were giving the tea ceremony workshop

GCI teacher Lulu Lin was giving the language workshop

Followed the speeches, two rounds of workshops on tea ceremony and Chinese language, were hosted by GCI teachers Jia Wang, Ming Wen and Lulu Lin. Both workshops ignited students’ interest in Chinese culture and language. In the tea ceremony workshop, GCI teachers demonstrated the relationship between tea art and business culture in China. In the 30-minute Language workshop, GCI teacher Lulu Lin gave the participants a vivid taste of Chinese language by teaching and facilitating them to give self-introductions in Chinese.

During the New Year celebration

The Chinese food buffet in the end, along with riddles and erhu performance, created a real immersed experience for the participants to the Chinese festival.

(by Lulu Lin, photos by Yuhui Li, Wei Jiang)


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