First Kenyan Female Train Drivers Finish Training in Shaanxi - Xinhua TV Network

Issued on2017-03-13 18:38:55

After finishing the 50-day knowledge training, simulated driving and practical training at Baoji Railway Technician College in Shaanxi, the first seven Kenyan female train drivers trained in China had mastered the relevant skills and went home on Mar. 7th.

These Kenyan graduates, who were commissioned by China Road and Bridge Corp to take training in China, were all from local Confucius Institutes and they arrived at Baoji Railway Technician College on Jan. 16th, 2017. Through the 50-day knowledge training, simulated driving and practical training, the trainees got a good grasp of structure, working principle, steering, and standard procedures of repair and maintenance of diesel locomotives as well as operating standards and techniques of the DF8B diesel locomotive.

Li Haiqiang, a teacher at Baoji Railway Technician College, told Xinhua News Agency that during the whole training process, all students paid much attention to the courses. The trainees had different levels, but they were all interested in the learning process. They studied hard and worked hard at the railway yard. The process was very tired, sometimes even dirty, but they didn’t give up learning and tried their best to learn relevant knowledge.

Fu Shangmou, Vice President of Baoji Railway Technician College, noted that after the 50-day training, the trainees had achieved prominent progress, especially in driving a locomotive. Now they all can drive a locomotive by themselves.

During the 50-day intense training, Chinese teachers’ earnest attitudes and Chinese people’s enthusiasm impressed the trainees.

Elizabeth Wanjala, a Kenyan trainee, said that, “I am so happy to get the chance to be here and grateful for teachers at Baoji Railway Technician College. Though the time is short, yet the knowledge all teachers taught is comprehensive. I’d like to express my gratitude to all teachers for their efforts. I hope to learn the knowledge related to railway industry every day in the future and constantly improve myself”.

Story by Du Honggang, Xinhua News Agency, Xi’an