Newsletter: Walking into the Confucius Institute on the Bank of Volga

发表于2017-03-10 15:43:51

On Mar. 2nd, Telnikowa (right), a teacher of the Confucius Institute, teaches Chinese at Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University. In 2010, Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University and Tianjin Foreign Studies University co-established the Confucius Institute. According to Ning Huaiying, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, more than 40 cultural activities involving over 3500 participants have been held by the institute. Whether Chinese culture lectures, Chinese culture weeks, food festivals or Chinese art performances all enjoy great popularity. (Photo by Bai Xueqi, Xinhua News Agency)

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  • Confucius Institute at Troy University contributes to locating replicas of Terra Cotta Warrior statues in Alabama

  • Chinese “panda” float enjoys enormous popularity at a carnival in Peru

  • 3rd Confucius Institute International Music Summer Camp and 1st Confucius Institute Art Festival kicks off

  • Confucius Institute at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosts Trnovo Chinese culture experiencing summer camp

  • Fort Collins International Kite Festival co-sponsored by Confucius Institute at Colorado State University, the US

  • Confucius Institute at Hebrew University of Jerusalem participates in the 2015 “Dragon Boat Israel” International Festival

  • “Understanding and Peace” International Children’s Culture and Art Festival held by the Confucius Institute in Ukraine

  • Belgian Finals of “Chinese Bridge” Taking Place in Panda House

  • The 8th National Chinese Language Conference of America Opened in Atlanta

  • Confucius Institute at the University of Arizona holds 2015 Chinese New Year Festival Gala