"Chinese Fever" in Africa Enjoys Persistent Overheating
China and Africa to First Build High-level People-to-people and Cultural Exchange Mechanism
—Chinese Embassy in South Africa Donates Chinese-teaching Equipment to 10 Middle and Primary Schools in South Africa

[Source]    people.cn [Time]    2017-03-10 15:33:48 

On Mar. 6th, the Chinese Embassy in South Africa donating Chinese teaching textbooks and extracurricular reading materials to 10 middle and primary schools in Gauteng Province of South Africa. South African students performing a chorus named “South Africa Welcomes You” recomposed from “Beijing Welcomes You” at the donation ceremony.

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa donated Chinese-teaching equipments to 10 middle and primary schools in Gauteng Province on Mar. 6th. Tian Xuejun, Chinese Ambassador to South Africa, Angie Motshekga, South African Minister of Basic Education, headmasters as well as representatives of teachers and students from 10 local pilot Chinese-teaching middle and primary schools attended the activity.

The Chinese-teaching pilot projects have been smoothly launched in these 10 schools since 2016. African countries including Mauritius, Tanzania, Cameroon and Zambia joined South Africa in bringing Chinese into their national educational systems, and "Chinese Fever" in African continent is persistently overheating.

In Mar. 2015, the South African government announced to incorporate Chinese into its national education system. The Chinese government subsequently adopted a series of initiatives to support the pilot work of Chinese teaching, such as arranging experts to assist the Department of Basic Education of South Africa to compile the Chinese teaching syllabus, sending experienced Chinese teachers and volunteers to pilot schools, providing 2,000 copies of teaching materials with relevant teaching equipment and assisting the Department of Basic Education to train local Chinese teachers.

Tian Xuejun, Chinese Ambassador to South Africa said that Chinese teaching in South Africa plays an important leading and exemplary role for African countries. China is willing to, in accordance with the actual needs of South Africa, continue to increase the number of Chinese teachers and volunteers, further enhance the training of local Chinese teachers and actively explore cooperation with the Department of Basic Education of South Africa to discuss and compile Chinese textbooks suitable for students in South Africa’s primary and secondary schools.

Tian noted that China-South Africa high-level people-to-people and cultural exchange mechanism will be soon initiated, and it is also the first people-to-people and cultural exchange mechanism China has built with an African country. This mechanism will play a role in top-level design, planning in key area and advancement and implementation of bilateral people-to-people and cultural engagement. It will further consolidate the public opinion foundation of China-South Africa ties and enable people of both countries to get more benefits from exchanges and cooperation in people-to-people and cultural engagement.

Angelina Motshekga, South African Minister of Basic Education, thanked China for its strong support to South Africa’s education cause. She said that against the backdrop of globalization, mastering a foreign language opens the door to a new world. China's successful experience and practice in the field of basic education is worth learning. We hope that the two sides will strengthen communication and dialogues in the future, further expand cooperation fields and strive to achieve more cooperation outcomes.

On the same day, students of Chinese at Willowridge High School sang the "South Africa Welcomes You" recomposed from "Beijing Welcomes You" in Chinese with clear and perfect articulation. Local teachers who attended Chinese language training in China and student representatives of the "Chinese Bridge" finalists shared their experience in China. A South African high school student wrote four Chinese characters “Youyishizhe” (Friendship Envoy) with Chinese brush to Tian, in order to thank the Chinese government for supporting Chinese language teaching in South Africa.

In Apr. 2015, China and South Africa signed cooperation agreement and action plan on basic education. In light with respective actual needs and advantages, the two countries listed mathematics, science and technology and other disciplines, as well as cooperation in teacher training, teaching equipment and other areas as the key cooperation direction.

Story by Zhang Jiexian, people.cn, Pretoria, Mar. 6th.


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