“Cultural Exchange in Both Directions along the Belt and Road” discussed on Confucius Institute Conference

[Source]    Yunnan Daily [Time]    2017-01-05 11:02:00 

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Yesterday, the forum on “Cultural Exchange in Both Directions along the Belt and Road” of the 11th Confucius Institute Conference was held in Kunming. The Chinese and local directors of the Confucius Institutes in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and other countries communicated with the officials from the Confucius Institute Headquarters at the forum.

According to Michael Ackermann, Senior Consultant of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, the aim of this forum is to strengthen the cultural cooperation among China and the countries along the “Belt & Road” through discussions on how the Confucius Institute should organize professional and effective cultural activities while fulfilling Chinese language teaching tasks. At the meeting, directors of the Confucius Institutes in different countries talked about the situation of cultural exchange activities at specific Confucius Institutes and proposed their inquiries, needs and suggestions related to the implementation of cultural programs.

“It is crucial to hold cultural exchange among countries along the ‘Belt & Road’.” said Marine Jibladze, Director of the Confucius Institute at Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia. The Confucius Institute was once the host of a forum on culture and education involving Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, where the Confucius Institutes in the three countries had a fruitful exchange in carrying out cooperation in cultural activities. She also noted that cultural activities can help the students from different countries to know about China and get acquainted with each other, which can actually kill two birds with one stone.

Story by Liu Ziyu

Photo by Yang Zheng, Gu Bin, Zhou Can, Chen Fei

December 11, 2016, Page 03 (Yunnan Daily)