Japanese students stage Peking Opera in Beijing superb performance brings down the house

[Source]    Confucius Institute at J.F.Oberlin University [Time]    2017-01-05 10:42:25 

On the evening of Dec. 27th, the college student Peking opera performance jointly organized by J.F.Oberlin University and the Confucius Institute at J.F. Oberlin University was staged at the Centennial Hall of Peking University. Classical Peking opera repertoires, including Sanchakou (Where the Three Roads Meet) and Legend of the White Snake presented a visual feast of the Chinese quintessence to nearly 2,000 audiences. Through the wonderful performance, Chinese and Japanese students not only deeply appreciated the beauty of the Chinese culture, but more profoundly understood the unique charm of cultural exchanges and mutual learning.

The performance aims to carry forward the Chinese culture, enhance the understanding of Japanese youth to China and promote friendly exchanges between both young people. The activity was hosted by Chinese Embassy in Japan and the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) with strong support from Peking University (PKU), Shanghai Theatre Academy, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Chenjinglun High School and others. Prof. Wu Zhipan, PKU Executive Vice-President; Xia Jianhui, Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director General of Hanban; Takayasu Mitani, President of the J.F.Oberlin University and Koichi Ito, Acting Japanese Ambassador to China were invited to attend the event and deliver speeches. Ke Yang, PKU Executive Vice-President; Ye Jingyi, Vice Secretary of CPC Committee of the PKU; Xu Chao, Vice Secretary of CPC Committee of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and Zhang Jing, General Secretary of CPC Branch of Chen Jinglun Education Group attended the activity as well. PKU Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera Amateur Society (Jing-kun She) and Chen Jinglun High School choir also performed splendid programs.

Approved by the Japanese Ministry of Education, J.F.Oberlin University opened the Peking opera program in 2000 and became the only university in Japan that teaches Peking opera performing arts. In 2006, after the establishment of the Confucius Institute, the Peking opera program enjoyed great popularity with strong support and promotion of the Confucius Institute. The performance this time was personally guided by Madam Yuan Yingming, disciple of the famous Chinese artist Mr. Mei Baojiu and PhD of opera studies. Over the 40 actors in the performance, most of them are performing arts students of J.F.Oberlin University aged between 19 and 22. At first, they could not speak any Chinese. Out of the love for the Chinese culture and Peking opera and after nearly a year of hard work, they now can perform the Chinese art on stage in Chinese. Their body movement was vivid and lifelike; their dialogue and singing proficient and clearly articulated and their gestures right on point. The perseverance in pursuit and the understanding of art is truly amazing!

It is learned that the group visited China from Dec. 21st to 29th for exchanges and performance in Shanghai and Beijing respectively with Chinese students. It is the third time of the Confucius Institute at J.F.Oberlin University to organize the university students to conduct exchange activities on Peking opera in Beijing since the establishment of the Confucius Institute ten years ago.