In the Name of Volunteer, Our Hearts Stand Together
---- “Little White Cloud” Volunteers at the 11th Confucius Institute Conference

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) [Time]    2016-12-29 15:49:29 

There is no other city in the world like Kunming that is beloved by flocks of seabirds. Every winter, they come with expectations and return with hopes. Though it is winter season, the day is as bright as those in early spring and the temperature is warm and comfortable. When the daylight comes, volunteers of the 11th Confucius Institute Conference have already started their busy day at the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center near the tranquil Dianchi Lake.

They can be seen everywhere at the conference venue. They answer guests’ questions, carefully help each guest with their luggage, maintain the meeting room in order and introduce the Chinese culture and colorful Yunnan to every guest in fluent English, Russian, German as well as other languages. The “little white clouds” fill the conference with vibrant youth.

They can get up at six o'clock every day and go to the venue when the morning dew just starts to form; they can also work overtime and go back to the campus by the light of the moon and stars Tired but happy, exhausted but content, they always wear smiles on their young faces. They may be playful and proud at their age, but they sure can shoulder the responsibilities endowed by the era.

Professional voluntary services do not come in a day. A total of 860 volunteers with excellent political quality, substantial business skills, outstanding foreign language proficiency and positive spirit were recruited for the Confucius Institute Conference this time. During the training period, “little white clouds” maintained strict disciplines, concentrated on learning, learned from others, practiced repeatedly and communicated frankly with others. They devoted all their energy and passion to it. Their excellent performances have been fully recognized by leaders and guests since officially assuming the post.

“Although it is my first time to participate in volunteer activities, I am deeply attracted to its charm. I will continue to engage in voluntary services and apply the valuable experience I have earned this time to more voluntary services.” said Zhao Simin, a “little white cloud” from Yunnan University.

Indeed, what most unforgettable is neither the applause nor honors, but those days of cooperation, hard working, selfless dedication and perseverance. The spirit of making all the preparation beforehand and completing all the works afterwards has been engraved into the volunteers’ mind. Company is a robe that integrates men’s feelings into their heart; responsibility is a banner and in love it grows. Under the sunset, the vigor and vitality of the “little white clouds” have been covered in the golden glow, sketching out the beautiful colors of youth. Even only known each other for a few days, they can sense the deep connection among them.

Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations. In the name of volunteer, our hearts stand together.