Tour performance “Splendid China” Staged at Confucius Institute at Ricardo Palma University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Ricardo Parma University of Peru [Time]    2016-12-29 14:59:34 

On Nov. 23rd, local time, the tour group of Hebei Normal University held a large-scale performance “Splendid China” at the CCORI WASI Auditorium of the cultural center at Ricardo Parma University. The tour performance is hosted by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and jointly organized by the Confucius Institute at Ricardo Parma University and the Confucius Institute at Catholic University of Peru. It aims at showing the broadness of the Chinese culture, conveying the Chinese spirit and setting up a sound national image. About 200 people watched the performance, including teachers and students from the two universities and other people from all circles.

There were no empty seats in the auditorium that night. The performance consisted of four chapters: Tao Emulates Nature, Civilization through Education, Peace through Military Forces, and Elegance of Chinese Culture. It showed the splendid and glorious 5000-year-long civilization of China from diverse perspectives.

Tao Emulates Nature

In the first chapter Tao Emulates Nature, Tai Chi, Chinese boxing and dance added radiance and beauty to each other, merging firm martial arts and graceful dance. It reflected China’s Confucian philosophy of the unity and harmony between heaven and human.

Civilization through Education

The second chapter, Civilization through Education, was a magnificent course of the Chinese culture. The “Three Character Classic” eulogized the spiritual foundation of the Chinese culture; Chinese characters, calligraphy and painting depicted the customs and traditions of the Chinese culture; the abacuses demonstrated the intricate logic of the Chinese culture; poems and odes recited the vigor and charm of the Chinese culture and the painting and calligraphy accompanied by dancing and music extended the Chinese culture. The riveting performances left the audience touched and amazed. .

Peace through Military Forces

The third chapter Peace through Military Forces reproduced the ancient war between kingdoms of Chu and Han in the classic instrumental music “Ambush on All Sides”. The exhilarating performance on patriotism, loyalty and noble spirit thrilled each single audience.

Elegance of Chinese Culture

The fourth chapter Elegance of Chinese Culture showcased legends such as Drunken Consort and Butterfly Lovers through traditional Chinese operas and dances. The long flowing water sleeves and lingering music have left an unforgettable impression.

Curtain Call and Group Photo

Throughout the entire performance, audiences gave the warmest applause and praise after every curtain call. They highly praised the performance, and said that it gives them a wonderful and deep impression and enables them to fully experience the exquisite, beautiful and profound Chinese culture and arts. Students from Ricardo Parma University noted that they have learned a lot from this performance. The marvelous art is also a vivid cultural lesson to them. Other students expressed their heartfelt love and keen interest in Chinese martial arts. After the performance, audiences were still lingering around to take photos with the performers in a warm atmosphere.

The performance enabled the local people to gain a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of and love for the Chinese culture, thus fostering harmonious China-Peru relations.


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