Chant Traditional Chinese Classics, Be Erudite Mongolians

[Source]    Confucius Institute at National University of Mongolia [Time]    2016-12-28 18:44:16 

On Nov. 26th, the 5th Middle School Chanting Competition of Traditional Chinese Classics Finals came to an end at the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Mongolia. This is the last competition held by the Confucius Institute at National University of Mongolia this year. Altogether 32 contestants stand out from the preliminary contest. The judge panel consists of representatives from Chinese and Mongolian media, government-sponsored Chinese teachers, management teachers of volunteers in Mongolia as well as representatives from Chinese and Mongolian enterprises.

Contestant No. 16 chants Jianjia (The Reeds and Rushes)

Contestant No. 5 chants Wucheng Fu (Rhapsody on a Ruined City)

Li Wei, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, M.Chimedtseye, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute at the National University of Mongolia, Zhu Lijun, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, Wulangerile, management teacher of volunteers in Mongolia, principals and representatives of teachers from various local middle schools, as well as representatives from China-invested enterprises attended the event.

Contestant No. 8 chants Yan Zi Visits the State of Chu

Contestant No. 25 chants Yong Yu Le: Thinking of the Past at Beigu Pavilion in Jingkou

The final 32 programs are well-organized. The Loud and Clear Echo of the Long March at the beginning of the night integrated the emotional elocnte with vivid situational performance, which lighted up all audiences. Later during the competition, Burying the Fallen Flowers and Sheng Sheng Man (Slow, Slow Song)presented a feeling of grace and morbidezza, while Qiang Jin Jiu (Invitation to Wine) and Yong Yu Le depicted an impassioned sentiment. Jian Jia (The Reeds and Rushes) and Peach Blossom combined dance and recitation in an original way. Yan Zi Visits the State of Chu, the Injustice to Dou E and Peach Blossom Spring were featured with great theatricality. Audiences were intoxicated with these poems, which are like short stage plays in the way contestants perform. There were warm cheers and applause now and then, igniting one climax after another.

Li Wei presents the First Award

Director Zhu Junli presents the Best Organization Award

After hours of fierce competition, Г.Ануужин, student from Qinghuri Middle School won the first prize with Wucheng Fu (Rhapsody on a Ruined City), and Hope Chinese Middle School won the Best Organization Award. Li and Zhu presented them the awards respectively.

People’s Daily, China Radio International, Mongolian News and other media reported this event.

By Yixiaolinzhi, Pictures by Wang Ming