Ma Jianfei participates in “stereo” series of academic events held by the China Central Conservatory of Music

[Source]    The China Central Conservatory of Music [Time]    2016-12-28 14:54:29 

From December 2nd to 4th, the China Central Conservatory of Music held a series of “stereo” academic events, including one academic talk, two themed report concerts, two sharing sessions, and two joint meetings. All of the events received wide attention from society.

Scholars and representatives from more than 20 music academies and schools of music at comprehensive universities came together for the first time to discuss the topic of “Talent training and mechanism construction for ‘international education and cultural promotion of Chinese music’”. Together they discussed and formulated the regulations related to the “international education and cultural promotion of Chinese music” think tank and work committee, and held heated debates regarding how to go about creating an efficient and refined system for the selection and training of talented persons to take part in the globalization of Chinese music.

“Artists training and international exchange in the field of post-secondary education” experience sharing session

Central Conservatory of Music CCP Secretary Guo Shulan pointed out in her speech that at present there are many talented individuals in the fields of music and art at post-secondary institutions throughout China, but they lack a platform for international experience and training. At the same time, Confucius Institute lacks talented and internationalized musicians. Based on this “supply” and “demand”, this meeting sought to aid in finding a solution to the system of training, selection and assignment of such persons. International training work includes the two areas of “international exchange” and “student training”, which can be referred to as the new “growth points” of work by post-secondary institutions, and this work is a necessary condition of the development of China’s national cultural strategy.

Founding ceremony for the “international education and cultural promotion of Chinese music” talent construction work committee

Central Conservatory of Music Vice Director Song Huiwen and Prof. Zhang Yuexin revealing the memorial plaque for the Overseas Art Practice Center for National MFA Education

Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director General of Hanban Ma Jianfei participated in the founding ceremony for the “international education and cultural promotion of Chinese music” talent construction work committee, and gave a speech. He pointed out that, in the future developmental work of Confucius Institute, cultural arts will become a key area, and there will be increasingly high requirements for the training of high-level and international artists. In addition, he also strongly affirmed the dedication and contributions made by the Central Conservatory of Music in the areas of training and promotion of internationalized musicians.

Deputy Director General giving a speech

Additional speeches were then given by School of Folk Music Professor Tan Longjian, volunteer teacher representative Tian Jinglun, and Chinese “New Arts” composer Lao Luo. In an atmosphere filled with emotion, excitement and sharing, “expatriates” from the Central Conservatory of Music Confucius Institute held a report concert, where they performed eight pieces of traditional classics and fusion between Chinese and Western music, which resonated very strongly with the audience.

Qi Jie, Zhang Congyi and Liu Wei performing Dialogue

This series of academic events was hosted by the Central Conservatory of Music, organized by the Center for the Exchange and Experience of Chinese and Foreign Music Cultures and Music Confucius Institute Office, and co-sponsored by the Secretariat Office of the National Art Professional Master Degree Education Steering Committee and Arts Postgraduates and Degree Management Office.


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