Traditional Chinese string and woodwind instruments resonate throughout a castle in Kolding, Denmark

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at International Business Academy in Denmark [Time]    2016-11-30 14:08:29 

On October 4th (local time), the Confucius Classroom at International Business Academy in Denmark held a concert at Kolding Castle, called “Chinese Music in Kolding”. Five volunteer Chinese teachers from the Confucius Institute at the Royal Danish Academy of Music played Chinese classical and folk music using a wide array of traditional Chinese instruments, attracting an audience of more than 80 locals to enjoy the concert.

Traditional Chinese string and woodwind music concert inside a Danish castle

Morten Kier hosting the concert

Fan Bohui playing the pipa

Morten Kier of the International Business Academy hosted the event in Danish, introducing the pieces played by the five instrumentalists. Before the musicians began, they each introduced their respective instruments to the audience, so that the audience, aside from enjoying the beautiful music, also learned about Chinese folk instruments.

Chen Bo’an playing the bamboo flute

Qu Shuai beating drums

After the event officially began, Chen Bo’an (bamboo flute) and Qu Shuai (drums) performed Spring in the Pamirs, and during the performance the audience felt as if they had been whisked away to the distant mountains of western China. As Fan Bohui played the pipa, her fingers danced nimbly across the strings, allowing the audience to experience the beauty of this instrument. Then, Sun Kangni played Running Water on the guqin and Zhang Heng played A Song of the Miao on the yangqin, creating a vivid portrait of the life of the Miao people. Qu Shuai’s performance of The Chu-Han Contention brought the audience to a battlefield in ancient China.

Sun Kangni playing the guqin

Folk music ensemble

Standing ovation

The musicians proved their remarkable skills, and after each song ended the audience gave them excited applause. At the end of the concert the entire audience rose for a standing ovation, the sound of the applause resonating throughout the castle.

by Xu Xiaoqing


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