Classical Chinese poem recital held at Confucius Institute at Dongseo University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Dongseo University [Time]    2016-11-29 14:27:34 

On the evening of November 11th, the Confucius Institute at Dongseo University and Chinese Department of the university held the 3rd Classical Chinese Poetry Recital, with the theme of “Thinking Purely”. This lovely evening of poetry prepared by students from both Korea and China attracted the attendance of many poetry enthusiasts.

Kim Young-Kee reciting Crying Ospreys

The first to take the stage was Director of Confucius Institute at Dongseo University Kim Young-Kee, who, clad in traditional Chinese garb, recited Crying Ospreys from The Book of Songs. Then the mesmerizing performance of Your Collar, by the students of the Chinese Department, created a vivid scene of a woman waiting for her lover. The Chinese students’ recital of Peach Blossoms painted a stunning portrait of a beautiful young lady. And Film Studies professor Jin-yeol Song’s performance of The Deer Bleat, describing the scene of a host entertaining a guest, left the audience members with a deep and lasting impression.

Jin-yeol Song reciting The Deer Bleat

Also worth noting is that groups of Korean high school students were invited to participate in the poem recital. Six students from the Confucius Classroom at Jisan High School combined piano, guitar and poetry in their group performance of Quiet Night Thought, striking a chord in the hearts of the Chinese students and teachers, so that they suddenly felt deep longing for their homes. The students from the Confucius Classroom at Changwon Kyungil High School used a scenario format to recite A Spring View, with dramatic rises and falls and engrossing execution, expressing the woes of a fallen nation and the anxiety of being away from home, winning the group numerous rounds of applause.

High school students reciting Quiet Night Thought

High school students reciting A Spring View

Finally, both Chinese and Korean students alike took the stage together, for a performance of the Han Music Bureau folk song By Heaven! The eternal love story, expressed in lines such as, “Even when mountains flatten and riverbeds run dry, and the earth moves to become one with the sky, even when winter has thunder and summer has snow, never will my feelings do anything but grow”, deeply moved every last person in attendance, upon which the audience began to sing along.

Recital of Papaya

Choral performance of By Heaven!

This classical Chinese poem recital not only provided the audience with an excellent chance to enjoy the art of poetry, it also deepened the friendship between the Chinese and Korean students, thus helping to promote cultural exchange between the people of the two countries.

Story by Qi Yating

Photos by Zhao Yunjun



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