Confucius Institute in Islamabad holds photography exhibition in celebration of 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Islamabad [Time]    2016-11-29 14:15:03 

On November 22nd, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan, the Confucius Institute in Islamabad held a large-scale photography exhibition. Among the participants in the opening ceremony of the event were Director General of the National University of Modern Languages Riaz Gondal, Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Cultural Affairs Office Counsellor You Yi, and Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute Zhang Daojian, along with school administrators, and teachers and students of the CI.

The audience was completely packed, with a very vibrant atmosphere. In Mr. Gondal’s welcome speech, he expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Embassy for their support over the years, as well as his recognition of the results achieved by the Confucius Institute.

Mr. You, in his speech, said that Pakistan has an important role in the strategies of the “Belt and Road” Initiative countries. While creating the China-Pakistan economic corridor, and striving for the well-being of citizens of both countries, cultural exchange among their respective people is particularly crucial. He pointed out that the two countries must work hard to promote international education, including the teaching of Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, so as to cultivate specialized individuals, and deepen friendly ties between China and Pakistan.

Chinese Embassy in Pakistan Cultural Affairs Office Counsellor You Yi giving a speech

As one in a series of events celebrating the 65th anniversary of ties between China and Pakistan, the photo exhibition was greatly supported by the Chinese Embassy Cultural Affairs Office. The large collection of precious historical photos offered a look at the close contact between leaders of China and Pakistan since the establishment of diplomatic relations. In addition, the photos covered a very wide range of content, with some revealing the mesmerizing scenery of places throughout China, rustic folk scenes, traditional Chinese customs, art heritages and the accomplishments of modernization; while others displayed the people and customs of Pakistan, along with many moving moments of language and culture exchange between the people of the two countries.

The photography exhibition

The photography exhibition

A group photo

Many visitors to the exhibition were captivated by the beautiful photos. After viewing them they attained a much greater knowledge of what China is like, and experienced the deep friendship between China and Pakistan. This event further expanded the influence of the Confucius Institute, and has aided in the local development of Chinese language education and promotion of Chinese culture.