Internet Plus Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages:Confucius Institute at Michigan State University holds the 2nd “Online Chinese Language Education Forum and Workshop”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Michigan State University [Time]    2016-11-22 16:13:15 

On November 11th and 12th (local time), the Confucius Institute at Michigan State University held the 2nd “Online Chinese Language Education Forum and Workshop”. Over 50 experts, scholars and instructors from the USA, Thailand, China and other countries participated in the event.

The theme of this year’s forum was “Identifying Best Practices in Online Chinese Teaching”. Discussions were held beginning from the topic of “the Internet + Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages”, and included real examples shared by experts through a wide range of formats, including reports, dialogues and interactive discussions, regarding the current status of cutting edge research in the industry and Chinese language distance education in the US.

A group photo of participants and members of the Online Chinese Language Education Forum

Dr. Zhang Ke from Wayne State University gave a keynote speech entitled “Online learning: opportunities with new technology”, sharing a wide range of online learning tools in the Information Age, after which he actively interacted with both on-site and remote attendees of the forum.

Dr. Liu Shijuan from Indiana University of Pennsylvania gave a talk on the “What, When, Why and How of online Chinese education”, the series of questions she raised further invoking the deep reflection of the forum attendees regarding online Chinese learning. Dr. Miao-fen Tseng from the University of Virginia introduced the USA’s 2016 “Startalk Program” Chinese instructor training program, allowing those in the audience to gain a deep understanding of a successful online Chinese teaching format.

Different from last year, this year’s forum included a panel discussion segment, in which Dr. Miao-fen Tseng, Dr. Liu Shijuan, Dr. Li Jiahang, vice Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Michigan State University, and Ms. Henny Chen (participating remotely) held a deep discussion for the guests and participants regarding topics such as online Chinese teachers and students, and the effectiveness of various methods, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

A group photo of instructors participating in the education workshop

During the workshop on the following day, Ms. Henny Chen remotely gave a talk titled “Best Practice in Online Teaching Strategies”. In addition, together with Jiang Zilu, a teacher of the Open University of China, they introduced a wide range of highly effective and convenient online teaching resources, including ZOOM、CANVAS、DOODLE、WIZIQ. The participants freely tried the tools, after which they interacted excitedly with the speakers, and shared their thoughts on the resources. In addition, the iChinese Reader team gave a captivating talk named “The sharing of online reading education resources”, followed by an interaction segment.

Some of the participating instructors gave testimonials, saying things such as, “The forum and workshop covered a large amount of information, with a high level of interaction and widely varied content, while, most importantly, the event expanded our horizons and offered inspiration for the future of education”.

The 2nd “Online Chinese Language Education Forum and Workshop” has created a platform of communication and interaction for Chinese language teachers and online educators throughout the USA, and even the entire world. As the world’s first Confucius Institute to perform online education, the Confucius Institute at Michigan State University will continue to utilize their advantages in information technology, relying on education technology to create a diversified platform for promoting Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and Chinese culture, so as to propel online and remote Chinese language education to the next level.


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