“Jackie Chan girl” Lauré Weissbecker and her destiny with the Chinese language: How I Became a Chinese

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Alsace, France [Time]    2016-11-18 15:53:43 

On October 28th (local time), new generation French film star Lauré Weissbecker held a meet-and-greet session for her new French language book How I Became a Chinese. Representatives from the Confucius Institute in Alsace, France participated upon invitation.

Cover of How I Became a Chinese

The event was held at the famous Librairie Kléber in Strasbourg, and was attended by close to 150 fans.

Book launch

As a French woman born in the Alsace region, Lauré later went on to discover her inseparable destiny with China. She appeared in Kung Fu star Jackie Chan’s film Chinese Zodiac, which propelled her to stardom in China.

Lauré with Jackie Chan

In her book, Lauré describes some of the things she went through while overcoming Chinese and Western cultural differences, along with her unique experience learning Chinese and the learning system which she developed. The book is divided into seven chapters to describe her incredible experiences, respectively named after the five elementals Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, along with West Wind and The Universe. In the book, Lauré draws on her personal experience to share with those interested in China what she believes to be “the right way to open up China”.

Lauré and several CI students

In the interaction session, students from the CI asked Lauré about her experience in learning the Chinese language. Upon mention of the four tones, which French students found to be one of the most difficult problems, Lauré shared her trick, namely taking four words in the Alsatian language that can best represent the four tones and comparing them with the four tones in Mandarin, thereby finding her own way to remember them, which allowed her to grasp the four tones very quickly. During the event, Lauré also showed the audience her fluent Chinese, and signed her Chinese name for each book owner.

Lauré signing autographs for readers


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