9th “Chinese Bridge” Honghe Prefecture trip begins

[Source]    Yunnan Daily [Time]    2016-11-09 17:13:13 

The contestants trying a Hani “long-street banquet”

Recently, the 9th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students Honghe culture experience event began at Honghe Academy.

This year, 10 qualifying teams will participate in the “Chinese Bridge”Honghe trip, to be held in the format of “1 theme event + 5 main themes and 10 experience activities”. Among these, the theme event is the Honghe Academy ethnic festive event held at a local park. During the event, aside from comprehensive exhibitions of Hani and Yi culture, throughout the Honghe Academy campus 13 presentation areas have been prepared, for ethnic peoples such as the Hani, Yi, Miao and Zhuang peoples of China, Jing people of Vietnam, Thai people of Thailand, Lao Loum people of Laos, and Khmer people of Cambodia, using media such as objects, photos and text to present the peoples native to Honghe Prefecture and the culture and customs of international students at Honghe Academy, so that the contestants may experience the amazing cultures of these peoples first-hand.

In addition, the 10 qualifying teams will also participate in 10 experience activities based one five main themes, namely “civilized Honghe, open Honghe, ethnic Honghe, cultural Honghe and spiritual Honghe”. Some of the activities include making Mengzi bridge-crossing rice noodles, being a guest at a Hani home, visiting the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, and taking a tour of tiered fields with Honghe local Ding Lian, thereby giving the contestants a taste of Honghe Prefecture’s spectacular cuisine, ethnic culture and history.

Story by Yue Xiaoqiong

Photos by Xinhua News Agency

Oct. 26, 2016; Page 4 (Yunnan Daily)