Celebrating “Confucius Institute Day” at the Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University [Time]    2016-11-08 12:00:24 

On September 24, the Confucius Institute at San Francisco State University celebrated “Confucius Institute Day” by organizing two specially designed activities: the Fall 2016 Workshop on Chinese Immersion Programs for Local Chinese Language Teachers, and Post-Summer Camp Reunion – Sharing Chinese Culture Experience in China. The celebration was a great success, attended by nearly 100 teachers, students and parents interested in enhancing Chinese language teaching and better understanding Chinese culture.

The Confucius Institute invited two experienced presenters, Kevin Chang, Chinese Program Director, and his colleague Su Hsao-Chi, from the Chinese American International School (CAIS), to share their expertise and experience in developing Chinese immersion programs. CAIS has a long history of Chinese immersion programs with a great reputation for quality, mature curriculum and teaching practice in the field across the nation. Their presentations highlighted findings from the latest research and practice, with vivid examples through extensive interactions. All of the participating teachers and educators enjoyed this opportunity to interact with the presenters. The three-hour intensive workshop helped them to better understand principles for effectiveness and efficiency in developing curricula for Chinese immersion programs and ACTFL standards for Chinese teaching. In addition, they shared their experience regarding reverse-designed methods, classroom activities and teaching videos. All of the participants offered very positive feedback, and expressed their wishes that the Confucius Institute would organize more activities like this in the future.

Kevin Chang, Chinese Program Director of CAIS, giving a presentation

Interaction and discussion with Ms. Su after the workshop

In celebration of the 2016 Confucius Institute Day, a post-summer camp reunion and experience sharing session was held in another classroom, with 50 students and parents from Northern California in attendance. The summer camp students shared their unforgettable experience in China, telling memorable stories, and presenting marvelous videos and photos. Two months after returning to the US, they still felt excited to share their Chinese language and culture learning activities in Beijing and Xi’an. This summer camp, sponsored by Hanban, made it possible for them to improve their language skills and better understand China and Chinese people. Beijing Normal University, the host of this summer camp, designed a 14-day schedule integrating language and culture for three groups of students, two from the US and one from Denmark, to learn the language at different levels and visit famous historical and scenic sites in Beijing and Xi’an. The program was something far beyond their expectations. One student said that he felt more motivated to learn about Chinese language and culture after the two-week summer camp, and hoped that he could go to China to complete his undergraduate and postgraduate education in the future.

Xie Jiaxin, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, welcoming the summer camp students and their parents

Education Consul Zeng Yang encouraging Chinese teachers to continue working with Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute Day celebration gained great support from San Francisco State, Hanban, Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, and local Chinese teachers and educators. Education Consul Zeng Yang joined the Confucius Institute team to celebrate Confucius Institute Day. He congratulated the Confucius Institute for hosting this successful workshop, and encouraged Chinese teachers to continue working with Confucius Institute in promoting Chinese education for more students.