Principals of UK schools visit Chongqing and signs 17 cooperation agreements

[Source] [Time]    2016-11-03 17:11:01 

On Oct. 28th, the concluding meeting and signing ceremony of the 2016 “Chinese Bridge” UK School Principals’ Tour to China (Chongqing) were held in Chongqing. Primary and secondary school principals and educational officials from Wales in the UK attended the signing ceremony.

At this signing ceremony, the Education Management Centre of Liang Jiang New Area and ten primary and secondary schools of this area signed 17 friendship and cooperation agreements with their British counterparts.

Jointly launched by China’ Hanban and the British Council, the “Chinese Bridge” UK School Principals’ Tour to China (Chongqing) invites around 100 primary and secondary school principals and educational officials in the UK to visit China every year, with an aim to strengthen their understanding of China and encourage them to establish partnership with Chinese schools.

Principal Williams from a Walsh school noted that “this visit would serve as the beginning of our long-term cooperation and help us establish long-lasting friendship with Chinese schools.” He also hoped that the British schools would continue to strengthen exchange and cooperation with Chinese counterparts in such fields as curriculum and education system in the next few years.

During this one-week China tour, principals and teachers from 12 British schools were offered opportunities to learn more about students of 10 primary and secondary schools in Liang Jiang New Area of Chongqing and conducted exchanges with these schools on such issues as language teaching, teaching of mathematics and science subjects, school management and teacher development.

At the signing ceremony, Yang Langlang, Principal of Chongqing Renmin Primary School, said that her school would make efforts to adopt educational exchanges as a normalized mechanism so as to enhance communication and exchanges between Chinese and British students through the channel of “Chinese Bridge”.

Stephen Smith, Deputy British Consul General in Chongqing stated that the cultural and educational exchanges between the UK and China lay a solid foundation for diplomatic and business ties between the two countries. China’s development provides important experience for other countries, and he hoped that the principals participating in this China tour would share their experience in China with their colleagues in the UK.

Story by Chen Zhiwei

CHONGQING, Oct. 28th; China News Service


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