A special concert “Sound of Traditional Chinese Music” held by Confucius Institutes in Madagascar in celebration of the National Day achieves complete success

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University [Time]    2016-11-03 16:05:54 

On the evening of Sept. 27th, a special concert titled “Sound of Traditional Chinese Music” in celebration of the National Day, jointly hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Madagascar, the Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University and the Confucius Institute at the Toamasina University, was held in Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar. Over 1,200 people attended the concert, including Kolo Roger, former Prime Minister of Madagascar, Yang Xiaorong, Chinese Ambassador to Madagascar, and representatives of Confucius Institutes, Chinese medical teams in Madagascar, Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese.

When delivering a speech, Ambassador Yang Xiaorong extended sincere appreciation to the Chinese orchestra from Jiangxi Normal University and the art troupe from Ningbo University for their performances in Madagascar. She also noted that their friendly visit brought Chinese people’s friendship and best wishes to people of Madagascar, enhanced friendship between people of the two countries, and contributed to China-Madagascar cultural exchanges.

Ambassador Yang Xiaorong delivering a speech

Later, students and teachers of the art troupe presented a fantastic audio-visual feast to the audience. Performances included orchestral music, erhu ensemble, pipa music and dance, classic folk songs, folk dances and European operas.

To greet distinguished guests from afar and the audience, students from the Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University staged the passionate performance of Folk Dances of the Six Provinces of Madagascar.

Students from the Confucius Institute performing Folk Dances of the Six Provinces of Madagascar

The classic Chinese song Me and My Motherland and the European opera song‘O sole mio performed by Cheng Bo, a teacher from Jiangxi Normal University, won waves of cheers from the audience. The Chinese orchestra of Jiangxi Normal University performed such masterpieces as Turtledove Tune, Dance of the Golden Snake, Blue and White Porcelain and Jasmine Flower, leading the audience to experience the distinctive rhythm of Chinese folk music. In particular, the erhu ensemble New Horse Race performed by Li Yijun and Cai Yuanxun won thunderous applauses from the audience with their spectacular skills.

Folk music concerto Jasmine Flower

Performances presented by the art troupe of Ningbo University, including song-dance Returning from the Fair, A-Li-Li, male chorus Zhuo Ma, pipa dance Send You A Rose, dance Purple Bamboo Tune and music-dance Charm of Bamboo Flutes and Han dance A State of Ceremonies, demonstrated the diversity of Chinese folk music and deeply impressed the audience.

Music-dance Charm of Bamboo Flutes

Guests posing for a group photo with the performers

This concert has not only enabled local people to experience the beauty of Chinese art directly, but also expanded the influence of Confucius Institutes in local societies and contributed to the development of Chinese language teaching in Madagascar.


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