Speech on "the wellbeing of traditional Chinese medicine" by Dr. Liu Bingkai, organized by the Confucius Institute in Artois

[Source]    the Confucius Institute in Artois [Time]    2016-10-31 16:21:33 

To celebrate the third Global Confucius Institute Day, the Confucius Institute in Artois conducted a series of cultural activities. As an important component of these activities, Dr. Liu Bingkai, Secretary General of the Sino-French TCM Cooperation Commission, was invited to give a speech on traditional Chinese medicine at 15:00 on Saturday, September 24, 2016, at the Jaques Sys Amphithéâtre.

The theme of the speech was the concepts and practice of wellbeing of traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Liu illustrated the basic thoughts of wellbeing through his interpretation of the origins of its corresponding Chinese characters, as well as the importance of these concepts in traditional Chinese medicine. The idea of wellbeing has an important position in Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism, and even in the fundamental theories of Chinese martial arts. The concept of wellbeing has a very long history in China. It was first introduced to China in Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine) and other classical literatures dating back thousands of years.

September 24, Dr. Liu Bingkai giving a speech at the Jaques Sys Amphithéâtre at Artois University

Human life is inseparable from the concept of wellbeing. Wellbeing involves not only the conservation of the body, but self-cultivation and some methods of maintaining physical and mental health are also included. According to the opinion stated in Huang Di Nei Jing, wellbeing is defined as follows: “Harmony is the most precious, normality is the most greatly desired”. The text also stresses the importance of being a “well-rounded person”, neither excessive nor underdeveloped in all aspects. This philosophy is also in accordance with the Confucian doctrine of “moderation”. Human health must be in harmony with and inseparable from the natural environment. This is the concept of “harmony between human and nature”. In other words, in the harmonic relations with the heavens and the earth, the physical and mental health of human beings will be naturally maintained. Qigong, taiji, meditation and other such practices are helpful for our pursuit of peace of mind.

September 24, live demonstration during the speech by Dr. Liu Bingkai at the Jaques Sys Amphithéâtre at Artois University

Dr. Liu Bingkai believes that the purposes of wellbeing are health and longevity, the three main secrets of which are a healthy diet, a strong qi flow, and coition medicine. Through conditioning of one’s diet and mobilizing one’s vital essences to achieve the goal of longevity, Dr. Liu Bingkai also demonstrated the basic movements of health exercise for the audience, and answered questions raised by the audience. The lecture helped the audience understand the basic concepts of wellbeing, and was warmly received, with many audience members expressing their wishes that similar lectures would be held in the future.

(Manuscript: Jiang Aiqun, Wu Zhaoyang; photos: Liu Man)