British Pupils Celebrates
Mid-autumn Festival with “Chang E”

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Wigan & Leigh College [Time]    2016-10-27 11:11:32 

“The white rabbit pounds the medicines from autumn to spring, which can lonely Moon Goddess, take as her neighbour?” It seems that the moonlight is always cold and silver in people’s impressions. However, the Chinese traditional festival- the Mid-autumn Festival makes people feels it warmer and the legend stories also brings the Moon some mysteries. It is also an auspicious day for the whole family to get together, and the Moon Goddess, Chang E, one of the most famous characteristics in the Chinese legend story and her white rabbit has welcomed some special guests- the pupils from Wigan in England.

In the evening of 15 Sep, the teachers from Wigan & Leigh College Confucius Classroom has organized a traditional Chinese workshop to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival for the local pupils in Wigan Youth Zone. The name of the workshop is “Listen to the stories and learn Chinese Culture”. The aim is to promote the Chinese traditional culture to the local pupils. The colourful story book combined with the explanations of our teachers, all the pupils are attracted by the beautiful stories. After half an hour, they’ve already known something about the Mid-autumn Day customs and traditions such as eating mooncake and enjoying the glorious full moon by listening to the stories “The Moon Goddess flying up to the moon” and “WU Gang cuts the Cherry Bay”. In order to make the pupils perceive the Mid-autumn Day directly, the teachers also brought them some mooncakes.

Pupils are making their handcrafts

After getting the basic senses of the festival and culture, the most attractive parts should be making handcrafts. This is also one of the highlight courses our Confucius Classroom set up for Wigan Youth Zone. The teachers have designed the related handcraft making cultural activity for pupils. After the story time, they all want to have a try and designing a beautiful costume for the Moon Goddes “Chang E”. Some of the pupils even coloured the little rabbit to make the work more vivid and active.

When the workshop finished, the pupils are all excited with their works. Our teachers sent the souvenirs as a gift for the pupils who had an outstanding performance during the whole workshop.

Look at our works-Chang E Flying up to the Moon

This workshop is the opening of a series of Chinese traditional culture show in Wigan, which will be held by Wigan & Leigh College Confucius Classroom. In the next half month, Confucius Classroom will celebrate the 3rd Global Confucius Institute Day and Chinese National Day with the local people.