Playing the most beautiful verse of cultural integration
——Confucius Institute at Eduardo Mondlane University holds a gala to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chinese National Day

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Eduardo Mondlane University [Time]    2016-10-09 18:32:09 

On the afternoon of September 23rd, local time, the Confucius Institute at Eduardo Mondlane University held a gala to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chinese National Day, which presented a splendid visual feast for more than 300 local citizens. On the theme of nostalgia and patriotism, the gala was jointly hosted by Ms. Jiang Lingyue, a teacher of the Confucius Institute, and Mo Fei (Chinese name), champion of the first “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition in Mozambique bilingually in both Portuguese and Chinese.

Dancing performance Country of Courtesy

Ambassador Su Jian interacting with passionate Mozambique dancers

The gala was kicked off in the dancing show Country of Courtesy presented by the Chinese teachers who were all dressed in the traditional Chinese costume “Hanfu”. Chinoiserie red, wide sleeves, long robes and agile dancing moves contributed to an elegant and graceful manifestation of Chinese culture. Then, a traditional African dance featuring fast-paced drumming, energetic dancing and rap singing ignited the passion of the audience instantly.

Qiao Feng (Chinese name), a Mozambican student majoring in Chinese language, reciting the poem Nostalgic Tears

Eduardo Mondlane University chorus singing Jasmine Flower

Qiao Feng (Chinese name), a Mozambican student majoring in Chinese language, recited the original Chinese poem Nostalgic Tears he specially wrote for this gala, which was very touching. The song Fluttering Red Flag presented by Wang Hao (Chinese name) aroused the patriotism of the audience by its enthusiastic notes. The Eduardo Mondlane University choir presented the Chinese national anthem and refreshing classical songs such as Jasmine Flower and Song and Smile. The teachers and local high school students jointly presented a melodious song Ocean, My Homeland, which vividly expressed the nostalgic feelings of expatriates towards their motherland.

Chinese musical instrument performance

Besides, the audience were marveled at the traditional Chinese instruments such as hulusi, ocarina and dongxiao(a bamboo flute). Coming as the last performance, the ensemble of Guqin and Taiji sword perfectly integrated strength and flexibility, leaving the audience deeply enchanted.

Heart of Guqin and Shadow of Taiji Sword

After the gala, Qiao Feng said sentimentally, “I grew up in a poor single-parent family. I have had a China Dream ever since my childhood. Learning Chinese has broadened my horizon and enriched my mind. I am so happy today, because I feel much closer to my childhood dream.

Ana Mondjana, Vice-president of Eduardo Mondlane University, sincerely exclaimed, “This is a fantastic gala that brings me much enjoyment of beauty and more knowledge about Chinese culture. Meanwhile, language is inseparable from culture. All the teachers and students at the Confucius Institute are envoys of both Chinese language and culture. As the vice-president, I hope the Confucius Institute could hold such activities more frequently and promote itself through multiple channels so that more and more people will be interested in learning Chinese.”

Su Jian, Chinese Ambassador to Mozambique, highly commended the role of Confucius Institute in Sino-Mozambican cultural exchange. He noted, “I have seen our Confucius Institute serving as a bridge for cultural communication in a very modest manner. Through the art forms of singing, dancing and poetry, the Confucius Institute realized the exchange and integration of the two cultures and composed the most beautiful verse of cultural integration.”

Story by Wang A’min

Photos by Wang Han