Confucius Institute at Vilnius University celebrates “Confucius Institute Day” in “Rhythm China”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Vilnius University [Time]    2016-10-09 18:21:25 

On September 24th, local time, in celebration of the global Confucius Institute Day, the Confucius Institute at Vilnius University in Lithuania launched a series of sports culture activities on the theme of “Rhythm China” at the biggest local exhibition center in cooperation with Lithuania Traditional Wushu Association. Nearly 100 people attended the event, including members of the Wushu Association, sports enthusiasts from all walks of life and local residents.

Taiji performance by Mr. Liang Wenming

Shaolin style presented by young Kung Fu practitioners

Accompanied by the melodious music, Mr. Liang Wenming, a teacher of the Confucius Institute, kicked off the event by showcasing the classical Taiji style “King-Kong pounds the mortar”. His movements were gentle and elegant with great flexibility in the beginning. Then, as the music became more fast-paced, he demonstrated more sophisticated moves. His final jump into the air received thunderous applause from the audience. Later on, three young Kung Fu practitioners from Lithuania presented their Shaolin Kung Fu. Though still as beginners, their eyes were filled with the “essence, qi, and spirit” of Chinese martial arts. Then, two teachers of the Confucius Institute, Liang Wenming and Liu Jiwu collaboratively presented “Tongbeiquan”, showcasing the integration of wildness and flexibility.


Collective Taiji performance

Then, a group of Lithuanian Taiji practitioners with five to ten years of experience staged a collective Taiji show. The audience were deeply amazed by their firm stances and composed postures. The last performances were the nine-section whip show by Liu Jiwu and the stick acrobatic play by Liang Wenming. It was the first time that the local people in Lithuania got acquainted with the nine-section whip, a traditional Chinese martial art form. As two steel whips being wielded and wind blowing in between, the Kung Fu master presented highly difficult moves and retrieved the whips around his body as the closing posture, winning thunderous applause from the audience.

This event fully demonstrated Chinese martial arts, featuring the integration of the fast and the slow, the dynamic and the static, Ying and Yang, further engaged the local people with Chinese Kung Fu and brought them closer to Chinese culture.