Syllabus and standard courses for Youth Chinese Test officially released

[Source] [Time]    2016-08-30 11:11:17 

On August 24th, 2016, Chinese language products for the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) were released at the 23rd Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF).

At the “YCT New Book Release and Signing Ceremony”, the Higher Education Press and the Confucius Institute Headquarters jointly launched ten kinds of Chinese language teaching products in two major categories, namely, YCT Test Syllabus & Guide (Level I-Level IV) and YCT Standard Course (Vol. 1-6). They also signed the agreement on the copyright export of the YCT Standard Course (Vol.1-6) with Indonesia Legacy Press.

At the event, the fascinating “YCT Situational Resources Show” presented diverse teaching resources, digital teaching products and internationalized teaching philosophy of the Higher Education Press to its Chinese and foreign counterparts and readers. The event reached its climax time after time with the active participation of the audience, making the exhibition stand of the Higher Education Press a spectacular view at the 23rd BIBF.

YCT, shortened for “Youth Chinese Test”, is “Zhong Xiao Xue Sheng Han Yu Kao Shi” (中小学生汉语考试) in Chinese. The YCT Chinese language products are launched in an effort to offer standardized courses and assessment systems for international Chinese language education in primary and secondary schools, to realize the philosophy of “promoting training through testing” and “promoting learning through testing”, and to boost the enthusiasm of primary and secondary school students across the globe in Chinese language learning.

Mr. Zha Weiping, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Higher Education Press; Mr. Li Peize, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Chinese Testing International of the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), and the president of Indonesia Legacy Press with Zhang Guyin as the Chinese name addressed the event, respectively. Guests attending this event included Mr. Giannis Malkogiannis, President of the MM Publications in Greece; Ms. Ru Jing, Managing Director of the Cypress Book Company (U.K.); as well as delegates from various foreign publishing companies. The guests spoke highly of the wonderful event, whilst giving firm affirmation of and full support to the YCT products.

In recent years, based on the philosophy of “integration, localization and digitalization”, the Higher Education Press has unceasingly reinforced the depth and breadth of its international exchanges and cooperation, launched teaching products suitable for basic education of various countries, accelerated its entry into national education systems and mainstream markets for teaching materials across the world, and actively practiced the new model of “going global” featuring international cooperation, localization, innovative ideas and technological integration.

BEIJING, August 25th (Xinhuanet)


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