The Confucius Institute in Artois holds the 9th Chinese Teacher Training for European Confucius Institutes and the 1st Seminar of Chinese Teaching Methodology

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Artois [Time]    2016-08-10 17:13:47 

From June 23rd to 25th, the 9th Chinese Teacher Training for European Confucius Institutes and the 1st Seminar of Chinese Teaching Methodology were held at the Confucius Institute in Artois, France. Over 30 Chinese instructors from Confucius Institutes and Chinese language education institutes throughout Europe, as well as TCFL (Teaching Chinese As Foreign Language) postgraduate students, participated in the training event.

During the opening ceremony, Chinese Language Education Honorary General Inspector from the French Ministry of Education Prof. Joël Bellassen expressed his deep feelings for the University of Artois, and talked about the previous training sessions for Chinese language teaching methods, while stating his wishes for this year’s training workshop and seminar. Member of the Board of Directors of the Confucius Institute in Artois and Assistant President of Nanjing University Mr. Fan Conglai expressed the gratitude of Nanjing University toward the University of Artois for their support and assistance to the Confucius Institute, and gave his best wishes to the success of the training workshop and seminar.

Representative from Nanjing University giving a speech during the opening ceremony

Prof. Joël Bellassen giving a speech during the opening ceremony

The title of the teacher training workshop was “Cultural Factors: Chinese Language Teaching Methods Forum”, and the event was led by Prof. Joël Bellassen. Prof. Bellassen spoke on the topic “Classroom Teaching: from Knowledge to Acquisition (vocabulary, Chinese characters, grammar, and culture)”, and emphasized the importance of “perspective-taking” in Chinese language education, recommending that Chinese language teachers strive more greatly to observe the students’ interests toward China and the Chinese language. He provided vivid examples from perspectives such as Chinese characters, grammar and culture, interacting with the participating teachers in regard to specific problems that may occur, after which he proposed possible solution strategies.

The Chinese language education seminar was led by local Director of the Confucius Institute in Artois Prof. Jin Siyan. Prof. Jin spoke on the topic of “Cultural Factors in Chinese Language Education: the Origins of Chinese Characters”, elaborating on the two rational aspects of Chinese thought proposed by French sinologist Léon Vandermeersch: divination and expression of meaning, while also speaking of the scientificity, abstractness and phonetics of Chinese characters. Afterwards, Director of the Faculty of Sinology at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis Xiaomin Giafferri-Huang gave a report entitled “Chinese as a Second Foreign Language: Role of Cultural Factors in Propelling Language Study”, and discussed the application and results of cultural factors in education.

In the following case analysis segment, Profs. Wei Wenke and Liu Man from the Confucius Institute in Artois each spoke. Prof. Wei gave a case analysis entitled “The Application of Calligraphy Education in Chinese Language Teaching”. Prof. Liu, based on the topic of “An Exploration of Chinese as a Second Foreign Language in Universities”, performed a comparative analysis of the origin and composition ratio of Chinese characters as described in two textbooks, namely The Classical Chinese Text Book by Profs. Léon Vandermeersch and Jin Siyan, and A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing by Prof. Joel Bellassen.

Finally, all of the participants paid a visit to the Lille Palace of Fine Arts together, bringing the training workshop and seminar to a close.

Group photo of all participants

In 2008, through the support of Hanban, the French Ministry of Education, and the University of Artois, the Confucius Institute in Artois established a Chinese teaching methods training center. In the eight years of the center’s operation, it has provided high-quality training, covering a wide array of areas, with adequate service, and has since become a signature project of this CI, receiving wide welcome and high appraisal by instructors from Confucius Institutes and other Chinese language education institutions throughout Europe.

Text and photos: Wei Wenke, Yang Jing